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Titus Quintus

The Fifth Political Theory (5PT) seeks to conceptualize a non-nationalist approach to the perpetuity of Western people(s) and their cultures in our world.

Catalonia And The Problem Of Separatist Nationalism

On October 1, 2017, a disputed independence referendum was held in the provinces of northeastern Spain sometimes aggregated as Catalonia. As the vote was unconstitutional, Spanish police forcibly suppressed a number of polling stations, but the final turnout was 43% of registered voters with 92% in favor of independence. With these results, the separatist leaders believe they have a public mandate to create an independent Catalan nation-state. Putting economics aside as the barometer for all dec

Google Has A Diversity Problem, And So Does The United States

The widely-circulated, vaguely reactionary memo that got a Google employee fired for violating the firm’s ‘code of conduct’ by criticizing Diversity is only the tip of the iceberg. Throughout corporate America and especially Google, we find the perverse influence of a race- and sex-based marxism, one that tolerates its long-fought enemy of capitalism in exchange for increasing the wealth and status of some preferred classes relative to others. A peculiar sort of pragmatism has prevailed on the l

The Necessity of a New State Agnostic Model

The Fifth Political Theory (5PT) asserts that identity-conscious Westerners form a diaspora people across dozens of states (which they are in essence foreign to). Even though France and the United States, for instance, have European and Eurocolonial majorities, those majorities are de-nationalized and do not conceive of themselves as real, meaningful ethnic groups worth preserving as the majority owners of their nation-states. What remains salvageable into a Western diaspora is thus a far smalle

Terror and Tribe in the West

A 22-year-old “British man” named Salman Abedi has been named as the perpetrator of a suicide bombing in Manchester that killed 22 people and injured 57 as of writing. His parents are Libyans, and the attack may have been inspired or coordinated by the Islamic State. He has traveled to Syria previously, and his family has a history of involvement in political Islam and terrorism. So, of course, he was in Britain; why wouldn’t he be? It is one in a long string of such terror attacks in recent mem

The Western Liberal As Transhuman

There is something off about them. Those people who seem to never vote their actual ethnic interests when offered the chance, who tend to be extremely bourgeois while advocating for socialism, Islamophile in the face of jihad, and found in all sizable cities while being too transitory to have strong roots in any. They don’t see color but it is all they think about, and how they can bring other tribes up to their own standard of consumption (i.e. equality). If you pressed them on their “whiteness

Sub-National And Trans-National Identity As A Response To The Loss Of Nation-Statehood

For the most part, Western nations are over. There will only be the diaspora, or there will be nothing at all. We are faced with the choice of being absorbed into a materialistic, multicultural mess, or becoming who we are, that is to say, exiles of a defunct world. The Fifth Political Theory (5PT) believes we should work towards becoming a diasporic tribe rather than focusing on state-level nationalism(s). In other words, we can only “save” European and Eurocolonial peoples who want to be saved

The De-Nationalization Of The Global European Diaspora

When the Alt Right speaks about a rise in “white identity politics” or increasing racial tensions, they are observing phenomena which could lead to nationalist politics and the reorientation of Western society towards ethnocentrism and cultural preservation. Conversely, they may also be observing the dying gasps of an older model of existence for Western peoples. Outside of a few Eastern European countries, nationalism is largely civic, not ethnic or racial, for Europeans and Eurocolonials. Anyo