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Stephen Paul Foster

Liberalism's Enemies Within

“Stalin’s dictatorship, too would be expected to foster ‘a permanent condition of stress by creating enemies at home and abroad and/or by imposing upon the population gigantic tasks that would be unlikely to be carried out in the absence of the dictatorship’ as well as, ‘a charismatic image of the dictator,’ ‘a utopian goal, carefully kept in a remote future’ and ‘proscription of any deviating values, supported by threats and acts of repression.’” (From Stephen Kotkin, Stalin: Waiting for Hitle

Identity Politics: Where Compasion meets Criminality

Make me, make me your victim Resistance is only a symptom... Of bigotry I am so guilty, so... Make me your victim. Make me, make me your victim We need Hillary Clinton… She knew the score, Reparations and more, so... Make me your victim (Parody of Barbara Lewis, “Make Me your Baby”, 1965) Extortion is, by definition, the practice of obtaining something of value, such as money, from a person by the use of force or threats. Let us begin with extortion in its crudest, most elemental form: a

Weinstein And The Fall of the House of Clinton

Three days after Hillary Clinton’s shocking defeat in the 2016 Presidential election the leftie, trend-setting Vanity Fair headlined with The Fall of the House of Clinton. The sub-title of the article is worth parsing: How a Political Dynasty Lost its Way. That the Clintons are (or were) a political dynasty is no exaggeration. From the article: “With the exception of 2014, when Hillary Clinton was already plotting her second presidential campaign, at least one of the Clintons, Bill or Hillary, h

Fake Pronouns and Muslim Immigrants

“We go forward together. And we go forward stronger than ever. We're not going to let them win...We'll go about our business. Be New Yorkers. Live your life. Don't let them change us.” Crocodile tears, Andrew Cuomo style. This was the New York Governor at a news conference shortly after Sayfullo Saipov, an immigrant who came in 2010 on a lottery “diversity” visa from Uzbekistan, killed eight people and injured 14 others with his rented truck on bike path in the Big Apple. It was no surprise to

Has the Spanish Civil War Ended?

“Spain on a knife's edge as Madrid seizes control of rebel Catalonia” (Madrid, AFP) Deja vu isn’t what it used to be. I’m confused. Hasn’t the Spanish Civil War ended? Here is a clue from the first paragraph of the AFP news release under the headline above. “Spain was plunged into crisis Friday as Madrid seized power from independence-seeking Catalonia, the first curtailment of regional autonomy since the brutal dictatorship of Francisco Franco.” Yes, let’s keep “the brutal dictatorship of Fr

From Kennedy to Weinstein

Let us cut to the chase. Edward “Teddy” Kennedy was one miserable, contemptible excuse for a human being. But dead he has been for eight years, so why bother now sifting through the sordid details, the mountainous offal strewn in the wake of his long and epically degenerate life? Two words: Harvey Weinstein. The recent outing of this bloated, debauched full-time Hollywood kingpin and moneybags man for Democrat politicians like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and a certain part-time rapist raise

Why The Left Hates Guns

Is the Pope a Catholic? Does the Left hate guns? People of the left hate guns more than almost anything else they remotely associate with the despised right, more than gas guzzlers, home school families, coal companies and coal miners, confederate flags and statues or pro-life protestors. Mention the NRA and watch it trigger spasms of fury and outpourings of disgust from an over-stimulated SJW. The NRA for them is evil incarnate. No other organization is likely more detested and execrated. What

Where Is The Refuge In Post-Obama America?

In 1989 Zbigniew Kazimierz Brezezinski, a premier theorist of totalitarian political systems, published The Grand Failure: The Birth and Death of Communism in the Twentieth Century. He lived a long and eventful life and unfortunately sold the services of his formidable Polish intellect to the likes of Lyndon Johnson and the feckless, attempted rabbit slayer, James Earl Carter Jr. (For those taken with odd coincidences, Brezezinksi was awarded his Harvard Ph.D. with a dissertation on Lenin’s terr