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P.T. Carlo

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No Exit: Against The Delusion Of The Post-Political

A specter is haunting the American right, the specter of "Dadism." Open any ostensibly conservative American Magazine and you will catch its putrid stench wafting up, with ill intentions, into your nostrils. But what actually is this so-called "Dadism?" What is the source of the offending stench emanating so strongly from their ideological (or rather, "Post-Ideological") garbage can? A dead skunk? An electrocuted housecat? A pile of 3-day old adult diapers overflowing with excrement? One's imagi

Triumph of the Chaotic Good: Reading "Bronze Age Mindset"

"Who is the Bronze Age Pervert?" Is a question many thousands of people have been asking for years now. Ask two different men on the street and you'll get three different answers. Some say he was the scion of a distinguished house of New England aristocrats set to inherit a vast fortune before being forced to flee the country after a certain debacle involving a senator's young wife, two dead Chinese diplomats and a kilo and a half of high-quality Bolivian cocaine. Others insist he was raised as

Reviewing 'Leviathan And Its Enemies': Part 1

Introduction It's been well over a decade since Samuel T. Francis died, in relative obscurity. Reviled by enemies and abandoned by friends Francis lived his final years of life on this planet as an intellectual vagabond and outlaw. His thought has since become radioactive to almost everyone after his ill-fated and unfortunate embrace of "white consciousness" towards the end of his life. Thus, he has almost been completely forgotten, even by his ostensible allies amongst the Right-wing fringe. It

On Retirement

In many ways, its been a rather short 17 months since I started Thermidor, in other ways it feels like it was a thousand centuries ago. A lot has changed, not only in our society but in my personal life as well. Looking back, I'm really quite happy with and proud of what we accomplished with Thermidor, it was intellectually rewarding and also a lot of fun. More importantly, it allowed me to meet some really interesting and great people, people I otherwise never would have. But, when I am being

Episode 29: Incel Apocalypse

P.T. Carlo sits down with Nathan Duffy to discuss the plight of the longsuffering incel and the recent controversy and hysteria that have been generated by the term. Note: We had some technical issues right before we concluded the show which caused it to end a bit abruptly, but not before we covered most of what we wanted to.

Episode 28: Spengler In Bloom Part 2

P.T. Carlo sits back down with Walter Devereaux to finish their discussion of Oswald Spengler's life and ideas.

Episode 27: Spengler In Bloom

P.T. Carlo sits down with Walter Devereux to discuss the life and times of the very misunderstood Oswald Spengler

Episode 26: Viva Italia w/ Alessandra Bocchi

P.T. Carlo sits down with Italian journalist Alessandra Bocchi to discuss the results and unpack the fallout of the 2018 Italian election.