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Nathan Turner

PhD (2003) from Brown University.  Spent 9 years as a non-fiction editor for three different presses in New York City. Currently adjunct professor of history and literature at College of DuPage.

The Seven Heads Of Antichrist: Ethiopian History As A Microcosm Of Global Affairs

In the late twelfth century, a kook by the name of Joachim of Fiore, whom Dante Alighieri said was "endowed with the prophetic spirit," commenced a commentary on John's Apocalypse that would surpass all others for its mystical, imaginative, and radical vision. I promise to dedicate a full article to Joachim in the future, but for now would like to highlight only one of his many curios: the depiction of John's "Dragon of the sea, having seven heads." If you are not familiar with this Biblical

In "The Student," The Russian Film Industry Admits What It Fears Most

I want to like the Russian film industry, I really do. Often they have the goods: talented direction, great cinematography, and music, even decent acting. But the "artsy Russian film" has one key problem: over there, the good guys are winning the culture war. That means the only way to be counter-cultural and edgy in Russia is to join the Pussy Riot faction and make movies that critique tradition, religion, and morals. The Student (2016), a recent prizewinning art-house film directed by Kirill

More than Damore, Less than Charlottesville

What's the first thing any chess strategist will tell you?  You must hold the center.  There are precious few winning strategies that do not control the center. A similar principle holds true in politics.  To achieve the goal of a just and well-ordered society, you must have the support of central figures, populations, and institutions.  This is equally true in the most limited system of government (a Monarchy*) and the most totalizing.  Your ideas must be "the middle."  This is of course a fung

Just War, Civil War, and Political Violence

If you opened this article, you might have opened it to read about Pope Gelasius’ two swords theory or perhaps the three categories (authority, cause, and intention) of Thomas Aquinas’ bellum iustum. You might have been interested in the wartime ethics of the American Confederacy during the Civil War, and the question of whether abolition can be considered an intention for the North. Maybe you’ve been noticing a major rise in political violence on the Left but don’t quite know where you stand on

If Charlie Gard Lived in America

Dissociated Press-- Social media and conservative talk outlets have exploded with encouragement and support after last night's daring raid on Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children in downtown Arkansas. While details are still fuzzy as to who is responsible for this highly illegal kidnapping of the infant Charlie Gard, public reaction points to a clear culprit: the ten-month-old's parents, Chris Gard and Connie Yates. Gard and Yates, whose son was born with mitochondrial DNA depletion syndro

The Other Globalists

Every time I play a game of chess with two fianchettoed bishops on the same diagonal, I imagine what the pied pair of churchmen must be thinking. Father White is a fellow man of the cloth!  My player be damned—I’ll not attack him and dishonor my vows.   It’s hard to imagine two hierarchs crossing crosiers.   The black-and-white concept of countries as discrete pieces struggling for position on a global chessboard has been the operating foreign policy paradigm since the rise of nation-statism as