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We examine unanswered questions - and questions with dubious answers - of the last century.

Episode 82 - NSA - Signal vs. Noise

Download RSS “The ultimate goal of the NSA is total population control.” – William Binney with special guest Ethnarch — References — – Codebreakers, Kahn (1967) – Court Martial, Star Trek (1967) – The Conversation, Coppola (1974) – The Best Enemy Money Can Buy, Sutton (1986) – Enemy of the State, Scott (1998) – Intelligence in War, Keegan (2002) – Shadow Factory (2008) – The Secret Sentry, Aid (2009) – Report: NSA paid RSA to make flawed crypto algorithm the default, Bright (2013) – https://ars

Episode 81 - Quiz Show – Listener Q&A

Download RSS Questions with dubious answers. The trademark of an age of misinformation. After several recent changes in our lineup and coming up on the two year mark, we thought we’d thank all of you who have listened with a show dedicated entirely to your questions about where all this is going. Hopefully our answers do better than what is commonly known as “education” in this country. As an After Dark episode we depart from the typical heavy prep and enjoy a cocktail or fourteen between us. B