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Mark H. Christensen

@intempore_au is a political and social commentator in Australia, who has also been published in US outlets. He is currently writing a book on the plight of Western civilization.

Donald Trump: Unwitting, Uncouth Champion of Art

America is the global epicenter for “treating real life as fantasy and vice versa,” for taking “preposterous ideas seriously.” Its fantasy-industrial complex has been further boosted by the promotion of Donald Trump, a grifter who “doesn’t like experts, because they interfere with his right as an American to believe or pretend that fictions are facts, to feel the truth.” Kurt Andersen, author of Fantasyland: How America Went Haywire, is worried the country is splitting into two. There’s “reality

Trump, Jesus and the Evangelicals

There exists a novel explanation for why evangelicals support Donald Trump, one that is overlooked by the political and media establishment because of its radical – and threatening – nature. The president goes with his gut, what he feels is true. Which has the effect of upending the political order, a system of rules, conventions and temporal power that favors cognition and language over transcendent authority; that naturally prefers the secular and explicable to enigmatic faith. Jesus invert