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Tradition And Its Image

The concept of Tradition is one that draws many towards its passionate defense. Basing entire political agendas on the Idea of Tradition, many in the contemporary outside and dissident right see this abstraction as some ultimate value, the one value which we should strive to restore if we ever want to save Western Culture. While generally agreeing on the importance of Tradition as an instrument towards the restoration and abolition of the slow degeneration of politics into terminal ruinous debau

Salvaging Meaning In The Art Gallery

Like many other institutions in the West nowadays, the world of curatorship and art production (in its literal sense) is a rather closed and self-referential space. It’s an anthropological universe with its codes, rituals and, above all, its very own language and ideological references that go with certain repetitive and self-reinforcing narrative habits. Of all different conceptions, critiques and strong reactions on the state of contemporary “Art”, its relation with the structure of the art ga