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Leslie Cuff

The Center Cannot Hold: On The Decline Of Jordan B Peterson

“All men by nature desire to know,” Aristotle famously claimed. I am not sure I believe this maxim, but how else does one explain the sycophantic energy that ignites and maintains so many internet intellectuals. This category of intellectual celebrities is generous; it can include people like Noam Chomsky, Sam Harris, or Slavoj Žižek—anyone who, for better or worse, is revered as a thought leader on the world wide web. Those who remember Christopher Hitchens may recall the mawkishness with whic

Re-Imaging First Principles

At the root of every mistaken political theory there lies a theological error. This is an axiom held by a wide variety of reactionary thinkers, especially those of a more Catholic bend (e.g. Juan Cortés Donoso, Nicolás Gómez Dávila, Carl Schmitt, etc). Arguably the most articulate and well known of these thinkers is the legendary Carl Schmitt, who so clearly amplifies this concept in his classic work, Political Theology. In the essay, Schmitt draws an analogy between theology and sovereign powe