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The Bugmen of Ideology

There’s a famous story about Goethe, one that he himself relates, regarding his conduct during the siege of Mainz in 1793. As minister of war for the duchy of Weimar, Goethe had a professional obligation to accompany his Duke, Karl August, on two campaigns of the early French Revolutionary war in 1792 and 1793. During the first campaign, the disastrously indecisive German coalition invasion of France, Goethe had suffered under miserable conditions. He had been particularly haunted by the dead ho

Angela Nagle's Wild Ride

What a time to be alive, that’s what I have to say. We live in plastic times, where the long ossified habits of our collective Social-Entity have begun to thaw, and for the first time in the memory of many, some kind of change at least seems possible. But we know all this already. I consider myself an accelerationist, but one who only holds out hope not for a better world when all’s said and done, but only for a decent book about what transpired. When I saw Angela Nagle’s new book Kill All Normi