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Kali Jones

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Aristocratic Individualism In An Age of Populism

Democracy’s root meaning is from the Greek demos (people) and kratos (power). Democracy and liberalism are the decadent expressions of mass-orientated culture centered around the people, the middle of the bell curve, where nothing extraordinary or worthy of note is formed. People who merely exist and never go beyond their comfort zone and status quo, being thrown around by the forces of the universe. When power is flipped upside-down like this, there is inevitably chaos and degeneration, no one

Against the Trad-THOTs

The rise of Trump, his presidency and Brexit have opened the mainstream culture and the masses up to ideas that were long on the fringe. No doubt this has been beneficial in achieving recognition and validation for our traditional views, but it has also opened up a market ripe for exploitation. The alt-right and the reactionary circles this movement has grown out of have struggled for years to get recognition, and when Trump appeared he offered the chance to do that. Whether you consider him to