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K R Bolton

Spenglerian, monarchist, corporatist, anti-usury, pro-Catholic; author of Revolution from Above, Artists of the Right, Babel Inc., Opposing the Money Lenders, etc.

Putin vs. Putin

Putin vs Putin: Vladimir Putin Viewed from the Right, Alexander Dugin, Arktos Media Ltd., 2015. Alexander Dugin, formerly professor of sociology at Moscow State University, headed the “Center for Conservative Studies” at that institution. That there could exist any such entity itself indicates something about Russia. Dugin is founder of the Eurasian movement, primary ideologue of contemporary Eurasianism, founder-ideologue of the “Fourth Political Theory,” which itself has a lengthy pedigree in

Syberberg's Vision: A Review Of On The Fortunes And Misfortunes Of Art In Post-War Germany

On the Fortunes and Misfortunes of Art in Post-War Germany, Hans-Jürgen Syberberg; translated and annotated by Dr Alexandre Jacob, London, Arktos Media Ltd., 2017. Sybergberg, the film-maker, and social and cultural critic is a man of the soil, like Knut Hamsun. From a landed heritage, his father managed estates. Syberberg remains close to the soil, physically, spiritually and culturally. Syberberg escaped denazification; he was seven when Germany was over-run and devastated from East and West

The Murder Of Tradition

Our “progressive” obsessions for change neglect to consider consequences. Change is demanded for the sake of a fad or a slogan: “equality”, “democracy”, “reproductive rights”... Even a word of caution is damned as “reactionary”, “old-fashioned”, or “fascist”. Traditions, customs, beliefs, are regarded as being as transient as the planned obsolescence of computers. The assumptions by the “positivists” is that history is a straight light on “progress” from “primitive” to “modern”, and that anythin

Charlottesville: The Left in Excelsis

Looking through video footage of the Charlottesville “Unite the Right” demonstrations and the Antifa/BLM reaction covered by Left, Right and supposedly “neutral” mainstream news media, some salient points arise that are applicable the world over: the crapoid Left seem to at least have the self-realisation that they are deeply flawed and project their flawed traits onto Rightists. They are impelled to rage with frustration due to their own inadequacies; the Right tend to maintain good humour. The

Joséphin Péladan's Occult War Against Liberal Decadence

France gave the world the French Revolution in 1789. It was an epochal event, albeit a symptom of a line of cultural decadence that gave birth to both Liberalism and Communism, and remains a pall over the entire West and wherever the West reaches. It is ironic that those who were during and after World War II in France condemned as “collaborators” were for years prior to the war the most vociferous in their lamentations on the decadence of the French Republic. None lamented more the rapidity wit

Suppressed Identity: The Kingdom of the Two Sicilies

It seems a paradox of history, or perhaps it is an example of dialects? We often find anomalies in the “Right,” where the Right has not sufficiently repudiated the Zeitgeist of 1789, and reflects rather than repels certain doctrines and historical acts. Two of the most obvious are the defense by French nationalists of the legacy of 1789, and the holy aura accorded by “American patriots” to the typically Masonic-enlightenment credo expressed in the Constitution. Italian Fascism (Fascism arose in

Chiang Kai-shek’s Nationalist Ideology And The Making Of Modern Taiwan

Despite the popular image of a dualistic life and death struggle between Communism and Capitalism in China, one the of many paradoxes in this scenario has been the relatively good press that Mao received in “running dog” USA, and other Western states, compared with that of Chiang Kai-shek. In the USA influential academics and journalists had promoted Mao as the preference to Chiang Kai-shek. The much-maligned Senator Joseph McCarthy documented this in a book, America’s Retreat from Victory: The

1789 – The Long Romance Of Socialism And Liberal Democracy

The philosopher-historian par excellence of Western Civilisation, Oswald Spengler, noted that there is no proletarian, not even a communist, movement that does not serve the interests of ‘money’ and ‘in the direction indicated by money’. He pointed out that this is so because ‘socialism’ of the class struggle variety arises from the same Zeitgeist. Julius Evola said much the same. The correspondence of Marx with Engels and others shows how thoroughly bourgeois Marx yearned to be. The distraction