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H.D. Alemann

Wittgenstein and the Global Form of Life

“So you are saying that human agreement decides what is true and what is false?” – What is true or false is what human beings say; and it is in their language that human beings agree. This is agreement not in opinions, but in forms of life” – Ludwig Wittgenstein, Philosophical Investigations [§241] 1902 – Vienna. Summer. The streets are filled with the ringing chorus of urban proles, petty artisans, teeming masses of new-Viennese peasants from the countryside, and a host of peoples from across

Europe - A View from the Streets

Prologue Let me take you for a walk. It’s a warm afternoon, and we’re in a regional city in France. We start by the pier, where attractive French couples young and old stroll along the water, taking in the embrace of the sun onto their already-bronzed limbs alongside the embrace of their loved ones. The pure white sheen of the boats in the dock is soothed by their sunglasses. We head up, inland. We pass by an attractive collection of cafes and restaurants of varying price ranges, serving charcu

A Gesture Towards The Idea Of Politics As Music

The ice is near, the loneliness is terrible – but how serenely everything lies in the sunshine! How freely one can breathe! – Nietzsche, Ecce Homo I stand upon a mountain: allow me to broaden the horizon. I wish to write of politics and music. I wish to gesture towards what a musical politics, and a political music, might look like. We are north of the Brenner Pass, having traversed the road that since Roman times has connected the Latin and Germanic worlds through the Alps. We’ve travelled eas