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Hank Oslo

3D Printing and The Bugman

To the bugman, all systems are reduced to their symbolic components. Thus 3D printing, in memetic form, is a perfect fit for his conceptualization of reality. “You push the button on the box to make the thing come out.” The messy work of what actually happens in there, what can actually be produced, and what the resultant object is actually capable of, is beyond him - all entities are reduced to neat boxes in a UML diagram. Missing a component? Printing machine broke, understandable, come b

Weekend at Bernie's and Dead Capital

The relationship between human endeavor and capital is symbiotic, but it’s unclear which will end up as the dominant partner. On the one end are Promethean visions of men using capital as an extension of their will, as Elon Musk bootstraps a Martian transit infrastructure through sheer force of personality (and reddit-friendly meme flamethrower sales). On the other is the specter of capital subsuming human identity to its own ends, as we become optimized cogs devoted to the replication of unca