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Elena Russo

An Italian-American Catholic. Lover of Gesù e Maria.

The Self-Actualization Culture

We’re given one chance, one life, just a blip in history to make an impact before… The secular liberal culture won’t say what, but the usual choices are the abysmal void or an obscure, peaceful place formerly called Heaven. The preeminent emphasis is thus on achieving self-fulfillment in this life. Its buzz words flit about us in the media: follow your passions and be you. Like sirens they call us faintly to ever elusive self-actualization as enumerated in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, modern

Feminism's Destructive War on Society

She is a striking creature to witness: the independent, impulsive, cleavage bearing feminist who demands her rights while berating men. She is the woman of mercurial temperament, involved in both a love affair and a war of hatred. She may flaunt her physique tauntingly before men, but will strike them continually for treating her disrespectfully. If you’re in need of an image, the popular female solo artists of today obligingly subscribe to lipstick feminism. It’s routine for female pop sin

Tradition: A Call To Bear The Unspeakable Burden

Right dissidents speak of Tradition piningly as if they’d willingly step through a time vortex to return to a harmonious pastoral society free from the omnipresent enculturating mass media that presently dictates proper smutty and narcissistic etiquette. While we’d naturally find the limited technological tools frustrating, and more so the lack of literature, I believe the average right winger’s soul might find traditional values a tad intolerable. For the modern man’s soul is bred on a steady