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Walter Devereux

NRx sympathizer, recovering academic, & gadfly enthusiast

DC On A Balmy Friday: An Anti-Abortion Ally’s Account Of The Embarrassing Failure That Was The 2018 March For Life

Last week your author made an arduous cross-country journey to attend the 2018 March for Life in Washington, DC. What follows here is an attempt at—or perhaps an experiment in—the peculiar type of spirit-conjuring we as a society have come to accept under the title “journalism”. Before leaping in, there is one thing that should be made plain worth mention: dispense with any delusion you may have, dear reader, that the event we are about to revisit is a right-wing event. Pro-Life is a decidedly l

The Barkeep As Guardian of Civilization: Recovering The Lost Art Of Epicurean Mixology

Originally the title for this piece was going to be “How Women Destroyed Drinking,” but in the course of writing, a greater problem seemed to reveal itself and your author felt that perhaps it was best to leave all the misogynistic mansplaining on Thermidor to Billy Pratt. While female empowerment has had a role to play in the decline of enjoying drink as drink, the wider escapism of alcohol consumption is not solely the result of the unrestrained social feminine. Bartenders, who during the midd

Blood, Soil, And Anime: Studio Gainax And German Occultism

Some weeks ago, our friends at Myth of the Twentieth Century did a rather marvellous job examining the activities of the Aum Shinrikyo organisation, particularly the infamous Tokyo Subway attack of 1995. The episode as a whole is excellent, and deserves a complete listen-through (perhaps even before continuing here), but it was an off-hand remark by Adam Smith that spawned the journey we are about to take down the rabbit hole of Anime productions which your author believes to have been deeply in

Silmarils, Synthwave, and Sham Futurism

The final great creative offerings of Faustian man before the snows of civilizational winter begin to descend upon his soul reveal much about what Paul Tillich (indulge your author) referred to as his "ultimate concern." A man in decline, vaguely aware of himself and his coming end, inevitably turns his mind in one of two directions, whose paths he can never hope to tread. Either he embraces his fate, but pines for the magical youth of fantastic ideals and dreams-made-real or he rejects it and

Requiem For A Dream: The Broken Pedestal Of Martin Luther King, Jr.

The John F. Kennedy assassination papers released by President Trump several weeks ago were in large part a disappointment. Most of the established theories remain unchanged, and very little was revealed about Oswald himself other than that there was panic among very prominent American communists after the shooting. Eyebrows, however, were raised about the contents of several reports unrelated to JFK—and there has been panic among very prominent American academics as a result. The Thor’s Oak int

The Devil is in the Details

For all the talk of returning to a deep-rooted and traditional past, the dissident right has retained perhaps the most defining trait of the modern West. Be it the cold eugenicists rooting for Richard Spencer, the neo-pagans beating each other up in the hills of Virginia, or the merely the latter-day Cynics of Moldbuggian NRx, all branches of the dissident right have a place for Christianity outside the doors of their future society. In spite of 1500 years of history shaping the West, the friend

Every Knee Shall Bow: Against The Cult Of Sport In America

LEAR …whoreson dog! you slave! you cur! OSWALD I am none of these, my lord; I beseech your pardon LEAR [striking him] Do you bandy looks with me, you rascal? OSWALD I’ll not be struck, my lord. KENT Nor tripped neither, you base football player! -King Lear; Act I, Scene iv Sport and spectacle define a society in the midst of decay. Absent the glories of war and the satisfaction of creation, the spiritually deteriorated man finds substitutes for true accomplishment in sport. At their height,

Herostratos Rising, or: When Boomers Attack!

At the nadir of the Trojan War, with the Achaeans demoralized and defeated and King Agamemnon suggesting sailing home, Ajax and Odysseus were sent in a final effort to recruit Achilles back into the Achaean ranks. The hero, wounded by Agamemnon, is complimented, cajoled, and exhorted by Odysseus to fight for the Greeks against Troy—and then rejects them, declaring My [immortal] mother Thetis tells me that there are two ways in which I may come to my end. If I stay here and fight, I shall lose