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In Defense Of Republicanism

The predilection by many in neoreaction for the monarchical system of government exists to such a great extent that one might almost deem it a fetish. Mr. Mencius Moldbug, of course, kicked the entire enterprise off with his blog of Unqualified Reservations, in which, among other things, the virtues of monarchy were extolled. It was often difficult to tell if, in his posts, Mr. Moldbug was being ironic; indeed, it was often difficult to tell if Mr. Moldbug was being ironic about nearly everythi

Out of the Vales of Har: Towards A Future Beyond Nostalgia

The recent off-year elections in the United States were a sobering development to those who had spent 2017 still giddy from the results of elections in 2016. The stakes were relatively small: the governorships and state legislatures of New Jersey and Virginia; the mayorships of New York City, Helena, Montana, and a few other notable metropolises; bond elections and referendums in a smattering of states. And yet the end results were seized on by certain swaths of the American left, particularly

Deutschland Über Alles

The recent federal elections in Germany were met with woe by many, with joy by many others, and with surprise by nearly all. Ms. Angela Merkel, who has been the dominant force in German politics since ascending to the chancellorship in 2005, was able, by most accounts, to secure a fourth term as leader of Germany. However, her party, the Christian Democratic Union of Germany, in fact suffered what might be called a downturn, losing more than eight percent of its voter share since the previous