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Andrej Sýkora

An Open Letter to Jay Nordlinger

Dear Jay I could launch into a fiery diatribe at many traits which mark your commentary, but throwing red meat out to an audience who have dispensed with National Review long ago would be pointless. Fun, but pointless. Instead, I want to try to help you understand just why you are losing your audience, something you yourself acknowledge, referring to your brand of ‘conservatism’ as being in the “rear-view mirror”. You lamented in that article that the gulf between the European right and the Amer

Towards A More Elite Populism

In a 1933 speech in Madrid, on the occasion of his perhaps too optimistic founding of the Falange Española de las JONS, José Antonio Primo de Rivera made the following remarks, “it is not only the construction, the political architecture, we must aim for. We must at every moment of our life, in our every act, adopt an attitude that is truly human, profound and complete. This attitude is a spirit of service and of sacrifice, the ascetic and military conception of life”. Men who have arrayed thems

Childhood & Holiness

(This essay by Romanian theologian, poet, and philosopher Nichifor Crainic (1889-1972) was published on January 1st 1938 in volume XVII of his popular magazine, Gândirea, described as one of the nation's most influential cultural publications of the interwar period. For resources that were invaluable in bringing this piece to you, many thanks to Rost Online, R. Codrescu, and D. Dimo) I have often written: "Our time is the age of youth"; and I said with that too little. The new political concepts