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Alex Nicholson

The Dream: A Russo-American Alliance

Presidents Trump and Putin will in a week's time hold their first official summit, in Helsinki, capital of the great nation of Finland. This is a meeting long in the making; presumably the major points of agreement have already been worked out. Rather than offering an opportunity for discussion, I see such meetings as instead affording a chance to display to the public that which has already been agreed upon. This is a chance, amid the great success of the Russia World Cup football matches, and

Iran, The Last Gasp Of The Anglo Zionist Empire?

Conspiracy theories travel fast and far in traditional countries. For dwellers of the poorer lands—beset by short term life-threatening challenges and subjected to, or at least within sight of, real caloric restraints—find it obvious that dark and powerful forces lie behind events. No doubt it will come to be understood throughout the “third world”, particularly in the Muslim world, that the Anglo-Zionist coalition was thwarted in Syria, and its proxies crushed. The lesson will be: “don’t work f

In Praise of the Safari

Ashurbanipal was king of the New Assyrian Empire from 668 BC to 626 BC, placing him about 600 years after the events depicted in Homer’s Iliad and about 300 years before the conquests of Alexander. The interested reader could look into the king at profit, though for our purposes we will focus on a particular art history aspect of the great leader: the lion hunt reliefs excavated at Nineveh, currently preserved at the British Museum. The reliefs are an absolute masterwork, depicting in a surprisi

I For One Welcome Our Han Overlords

The Red Chinese are going to take over the world. Vladimir Putin, mystified, said as much to the American film maker Oliver Stone. In Stone’s 2017 documentary interview series, Putin noted that, when one looks ahead 20 or 30 years, it’s obvious world stability requires a strong US-Russia relationship. The Russian leader has long been exasperated at the West’s insistence that Russia be a foe. Always diplomatic, Vladimir Vladimirovich left unsaid the obvious reason for strong US-Russia ties: China

Tara McCarthy: Trad Thot of the Deep State?

The dissident right has grown, strip-mined the edges of the population for eclectic wackos, concerned fathers and NEETs. As the array of ‘red pilling’ content purveyors waxes and differentiates, the space of potential converts widens, becoming less marginal and more invested in The System. Against this backdrop of increasing propagandistic specialization, a new content-organism has arisen: the Trad Thot. Yes, the Trad Thot has always been with us, but she has evolved, adapted to the growing ma