American Pride

As 'pride month' comes to a close one thing has become increasingly clear: social conservatives and traditionalists were right, not just about homosexuality, but in correctly identifying the issue as the frontline in the culture war.

"What do you care what two consenting adults do in the privacy of their own homes?": what was once (wrongly) seen as a devastating critique of right-wing opposition to homosexuality has become a laughably absurd question on its face. Not only have the courts (again) fabricated a Constitutional right out of thin air, and forced sodomite marriage on the states who voted to ban it; not only are bakers and florists being forced to participate in these sham unions under threat of penalty; not only are the putative "consenting adults in the privacy of their homes" pumping filth into the streets, the airwaves, and school curricula; but "LGBT rights" have become a significant vector of U.S. foreign policy. Countries which don't comply with the revelation of the New Ways may find themselves out of the good graces of the international community and subjected to propaganda campaigns fueling new USG-backed color revolutions. "But how does it affect you??"

Not to mention the darkly comical alliance between LGBT activism and every elite institution in the West there is. From the EU and USG to Hollywood and the Universities to corporations and media. The notion that this coalition of degenerates is some put-upon, haplessly oppressed minority, if it ever had merit, has become farcical. It's dissenting from this new dogma that will get you ostracized from polite society, if not fired from your job where the dictates of "diversity" are often enforced with an iron fist. And even those dreaded cultural backwaters are less menacing than ever as support for sodomite marriage has increased drastically in every demographic, including among Christians.

Given these circumstances, I must reiterate how perspicacious it was of socially conservative people to see in homosexuality, not just a sin, but a uniquely socially corrosive toxin and the pointy tip of the spear of contemporary subversion.

"Pride month" has attempted to drive the spear deeper. Facebook added a "pride" reaction and corporations have jumped on the occasion as an opportunity to advance various marketing ploys with the rainbow flag and insipid pap about "equality." Nothing says Amerikwa like a bank sanctimoniously declaring "love is love is love." (As it happens love is, in fact, love. And buggery is buggery.)

In the same month, California issued a travel ban to certain states which have laws that "discriminate against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people." Many on the right have wryly observed the irony of California leaving untrammeled travel to international destinations, in the Middle East and Africa, where homosexuality is at minimum severely stigmatized, if it isn't punished with death.

This demonstrates the true nature of the movement better than anything else: it's not even the promotion of homosexuality or "gay rights" per se which drives it (though they're fine with that), but the creation of an instrument of warfare to be used on its enemies, namely red-state Christians and conservatives. Homophobic Islam is not only not an enemy, but may prove a valuable ally in the fight against Red-state, Christian America. We see this high/low, liberal-elite/Islamic-immigrant coalition quite crisply all over western Europe, despite its glaring contradictions.

And it's fitting this march of degeneracy through the institutions of the West should be celebrated with the slogan of Pride. The paramount sin—which, on its face, has little to do with homosexuality specifically—being raised on every banner and trumpeted by every CEO and politician as representing America's highest values is something a conservative satirist from as recently as 20 years ago couldn't have dreamt up in his wildest dystopian vision. But it's our reality, and "Pride" is exactly right. There are other sins of similar gravity as sodomitical sex and gender-bending, but none of these sins organize parades of celebration for themselves. People may have lax attitudes toward adultery and divorce, for example, but there are no Adulterer's Pride parades. Homosexuality has proven itself unique in this respect and many others.

While the "but how does it affect you?" meme has, in the wake of Obergefell, exposed itself as a bad joke, it was one even before it became so obvious. As social conservatives and traditionalists always pointed out, sex is a dynamic, and sometimes perilous, force at the heart of the family, which is itself the unit at the heart of society. Its proper use in monogamous, heterosexual, marital relations (and its restraint outside that context) is vital to forming a stable, virtuous social order. Sodomy is one way to misuse sex which harms not only the person who engages in it, but the social fabric around them. The imbalance in sexual relations when there are two of the same sex, such as hyper sexual activity and promiscuity in males, or lesbian bed death among females, are documented realities which have related social pathologies. When those innately disordered and imbalanced relationships are socially sanctioned and permitted to adopt children, the harms are verifiable.

Another meme that the sodomite lobby used as effective propaganda was "born this way", which has fared no better. All the research on the development of sexual orientation shows that it's the result of a complex interplay of factors—environment, genes, events, experiences—and that it's not some fixed set in human populations, determined strictly by biology. Indeed, anthropological research on Central African tribes has found some that don't even have a conception of what homosexuality is. Not because it's taboo or seen as shameful, mind you; there just is no such word or concept in their culture. While, on the other end of the spectrum, the number of people in western societies identifying as LGBT is increasing, and among young people often skyrocketing. Having some non-standard sexual or gender identity is becoming a high status marker in WEIRD nations, especially on college campuses. Oppression is social capital. In this environment, if one studies desire and how it's shaped socially, especially by peer groups, it's evident that people learn and assimilate sexual desires and practices they otherwise wouldn't in a social environment in which it was stigmatized. More vindication for the socially conservative.

Sexual reproduction as we know it is a grace of God; a consolation in the face of the death that befell the human race. The singular force which attracts men to women and creates children, resulting in the family unit. This force is intimately connected to what a human being is at the most fundamental level. It's not surprising, then, that its illicit use would have dire consequences for individuals and society. But what the combination of the most degrading of sexual acts with luciferian pride in those acts will unleash, we're only just beginning to see. May God grant America repentance and deliverance from seeing any more.