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American Janissaries

June 28, (or June 15, depending on your calendar preferences) is the anniversary of the Battle of Kosovo in 1389. In this battle, smaller Serbian and Bosnian forces took the field against the invading Ottoman Turks. Both armies were essentially wiped out, and both the Ottoman Sultan Murad and the Serbian leader Prince Lazar were killed. In keeping with Ottoman tradition, on the news of his father’s death in battle, Murad’s son Bayezid strangled his younger brother Yakub, becoming the sole heir to the Ottoman throne.

In keeping with the rather decentralized and localized nature of European politics at the time, the Serbian and Bosnian army consisted of self-supporting knights and paid infantry, a cobbled-together temporary alliance of local princes and lords, as well as Catholic orders such as the Knights of St. John. The Turks consisted of soldiers conscripted from the Ottoman Empire as well as vassal troops loyal to the Sultan and 2,000 highly trained Janissaries.

After the battle and the annihilation of both armies, the Turks could draw on other forces in their empire and restart their European invasions, while the Serbians were left without a leader and without an army. Serbian provinces were eventually picked off one by one and the daughters of the Serbian lords were married off into the Sultan’s harem. Despite this post-battle legacy, the Battle of Kosovo is important to Serbian national identity -when the men of Serbia, against overwhelming odds, fought to defend their homes, their families, and their Faith.

In 1989, NATO, under the leadership of U.S. President Bill Clinton, flew over 1000 bombing sorties against the (Yugoslavian) Serbian armed forces and “military” infrastructure after Serbian governmental and military forces sought to assert control over the Kosovo region, a region essential to Serbian national identity.

After WWII, the Balkans were given over to the Communists and Yugoslavia was created, combining the nations of Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, and Slovenia (where the Melania Trump is from). Not only was there a multicultural ethnic mix, there was also a religious mix of Catholics, Orthodox, and Muslim. The Orthodox and Catholic populations are legacies of differing control and influence by Roman Catholic powers such as Austrian and Hungary, as well as Orthodox powers such as the Byzantine Empire and Russia. The Albanian and other Balkan Muslim populations are a legacy of the Ottoman Turkish invasions and control of parts of the region for centuries.

The police state of communist Yugoslavia was able to keep these ethno-religious divisions in check, but with the dissolution of Communism in Europe in the early 1990s, national and ethnic cultures were able to reassert themselves. National peoples were once again able to “become who they are”. War broke out. (Apparently only a police state can keep a multicultural society together as the NSA’s illegal activities in the U.S., the proliferation of spy cameras in England, and the ongoing, perpetual “state of emergency” in France can attest.)
The U.S. bombings were in support of the Muslim Kosovo Liberation Army, which sought to reassert Muslim control (which had grown via demographics under the communist regime) of the Kosovo region and secede from Serbia. And we know the U.S., NATO, and the E.U. love secession (except within their own borders). At the same time Serbia was seeking to restore cultural and demographic control of the birthplace of its national pride that had been lost during the years of Communist rule.

As the Foreign Policy Journal notes:

Another proud example of the United States fighting the awful jihadists is Kosovo, an overwhelmingly Muslim province of Serbia. The Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) began an armed conflict with Belgrade in the early 1990s to split Kosovo from Serbia. The KLA was for years considered a terrorist organization by the US, the UK, and France, with numerous reports of the KLA having contact with al-Qaeda, getting arms from them, having its militants trained in al-Qaeda camps in Pakistan, and even having members of al-Qaeda in KLA ranks fighting against Serbia. But Washington’s imperialists, more concerned about dealing a blow to Serbia, “the last communist government in Europe”, supported the KLA. The KLA have been known for their torture and trafficking in women, heroin, and human body parts. The United States has naturally been pushing for Kosovo’s membership in NATO and the European Union.

In the Ottoman heyday, the Janissaries were the elite fighting forces of the Ottoman Turks. They were Christian children captured from raids in the Balkans. They were brought back and trained to be soldiers. The psychological warfare aspect of the Janissaries cannot be discounted: kidnap Christian children from lands you hope to conquer, turn isolated,grieving orphans into brutal killers, then send them back to slaughter their kinfolk.

Hilaire Belloc, the pugnacious Anglo-Catholic writer said that “Europe is the Faith and the Faith is Europe”. Europe is the rump end of the Asian landmass, it has its identity as Europe, not because of geography, but because of Christianity -the Faith. In Europe came together the Wisdom of Athens, the Law of Rome, and the Messiah from Jerusalem -the Logos of Christ, in the form of the Catholic Church and the Christian Faith. Europe is the Faith and the Faith is Europe.

When the U.S. armed forces, made up mostly of Christians of European descent, bomb fellow Christians for the benefit of a Muslim army, the U.S. military has become Janissary.

Recently Hilary Clinton, the wife of that Janissary President, when she was Secretary of State, toppled the Libyan government of Muammar Gaddafi. At the start of this bombing campaign Gaddafi warned that if he were to be toppled, Europe would be overwhelmed with an invasion of migrants, that his government was a cork on a bottle of populations trying to move north across the Mediterranean.

The policy of the U.S. government has also been to topple secular Muslim leaders in Iraq and Syria, setting off waves of migrants to Europe. Our army is a Janissary army destroying the ancestral lands of our people and our Faith.

The Central European governments of Poland, Hungary, Serbia, Czechia, Slovakia, Croatia, etc. have formed a security alliance and are defying the E.U. orders to allow in these migrants.

These countries have, through the centuries, protected the Faith of Europe in battles with the Muslim armies in the Balkans. Vienna, Lepanto, Kosovo, Mohacs, etc. But Western Europe has lost the Faith and do not understand.

The cold queen of England is looking in the glass; The shadow of the Valois is yawning at the Mass;

The West is now just a place on the map, full of Worker/Consumers, “Worksumers”, where everyone is an interchangeable piece of Human Capital and the only measure of a nation is GDP.

Christian soldiers in the U.S. should refuse to continue to be Janissaries, sent to destroy the civilization of their ancestors. U.S. taxpayers, Janissary by proxy, should as well.

Historian Christopher Dawson in his masterful work The Making of Europe, noted that at one time, all that would become Europe -Frankish warriors saying a Latin Mass while monks copied Greek texts- was trapped between the Loire and the Seine, pressured by barbarians from the East and Islam from the South. Then “Europe” broke out, and the expansion of European civilization would not stop until the suicide of the Christendom that was WWI.

Christendom is now trapped between the Elbe and the Volga, between the barbarism of the West and Islam from the South. Christendom will break out again. Are you ready? Can the faithful in the West topple our own barbaric governments?

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