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Against the Trad-THOTs

The rise of Trump, his presidency and Brexit have opened the mainstream culture and the masses up to ideas that were long on the fringe. No doubt this has been beneficial in achieving recognition and validation for our traditional views, but it has also opened up a market ripe for exploitation.

The alt-right and the reactionary circles this movement has grown out of have struggled for years to get recognition, and when Trump appeared he offered the chance to do that. Whether you consider him to be a good president or not, his movement was a catalyst for something. If populism and appealing to the common man rather than cosmopolitan liberals can get you attention and profit (as Trump's success clearly showed), there will be those seeking to capitalize on that. Due to a failing career or a general impotence, they will flock to a fringe scene that has just the right amount of people within it to gain notoriety for changing their "beliefs." Such is the case with Miley Cyrus' recent publicity stunt of toning down her degenerate behavior and posing in a wheat field to promote her new music. She has expressed how disappointed she was that country music fans hate her because of the choices she has made and admittedly wants to win back the favor of Trump supporters. Having grown up around that scene through her father and rapidly losing relevance in mainstream liberal culture, she decided to try and appeal to the large conservative audience that Trump's success has bolstered.

Recently Laci Green—a "sex education" feminist YouTuber—has made some comments sympathetic towards Men's Rights Movements and references to "the red pill." This small gesture inspired the whole of the skeptic community along with many classical liberals to come out to applaud her. This coincides with the release of the hit documentary "The Red Pill" by Cassie Jay, which covers her transformation from dyed-in-the-wool feminist to her ostensible open champion of "the patriarchy."

We live in an age where Millennial/Gen Z culture is heavily influenced by the obscure imageboards such as 4chan, where shocking and edgy humor appeals to individuals who typically view an enormous amount of online content. YouTubers like PewDiePie and JonTron were inevitably going to be exposed to the lingo and even the political outlook of the boards and end up signaling their awareness to appeal to their audience. Which, in the evolving cultural climate, they could now do without the fear of losing their fan support. As the attitudes of Generation Z become ever more radicalized by their imageboard influenced online worlds such content will only continue to leak into mainstream culture.

Every day there are new Anti-Feminist/SJW channels popping up on YouTube, with the perfunctory Patreons and catchy thumbnails, not to mention the scourge of the "Tradthot" that opens up social media accounts with MAGA hashtags to shill for donations. These contemptible people are the exact definition of the vapid self-obsessed culture we are trying to escape. These individuals fad chasers and self-promotors, desperately seeking validation from thousands of alienated and lonely males. Opportunists and bandwagon jumpers who, only now that it's safe and "popular," have decided to appear and regurgitate the same tired "Anti-SJW" or blandly Traditionalist talking points. The old liberal order is failing, but what is taking its place? Who asked for this synthetic parody of "traditional values"? Not us.

The center-left is struggling to keep its grip on the minds of Americans given their unceremonious defeat at the hands of Trump and the general distrust of Americans toward the mainstream media. The far left are also a joke and not real communists in any true sense of the word (workers rights, collectivism etc.) but are merely burned out Anarchists and Trotskyists poisoned by identity politics and the allure of consequence-free violence. Is there any refuge left for the postmodern man? It would seem that they are increasingly turning toward the right.

This cultural shift, on one hand, is undoubtedly good for the spreading of our ideas, yet on the other, it's now easier than ever for it to be co-opted and taken it in the opposite direction; back towards the alienation and culture of self-atomization, we were trying to escape. Like all classical liberals will tell you, the individual and his "rights" come before everything else, whether morally wrong or not. The liberals have seized upon a reactionary movement because they are witnessing the collapse of the center-left and would rather be called racist and be allowed to continue their comfortable hedonistic lives than lose it altogether. Hence why you will observe people adopt all sorts of ridiculous personas: "trad wives" who sit on twitter all day while being unfaithful to their husbands by seeking the attention of thousands of anonymous men; grown men dressing up in costumes to "bash" AntiFa; as if these bread and circus "street fights" ultimately mean anything. They will sell you decadence and a bourgeois lifestyle in its most ironic postmodern form. This is the new emerging paradox of our time: someone who claims to be traditional but acts in practice, in a manner completely at odds to their stated premises. Traditional has, for many, been reduced to merely a lifestyle brand. But such is the nature of life in Clown World.

Another point of concern is the false hopes of reviving "Nationalism" and some type of Anarcho-Capitalist utopia. National pride in itself is, of course, better than an identityless, self-hating melting pot, but nationalism, like liberalism and communism, is a product of modernity. It's based on the denial of the spirit of the Middle Ages and in refusing the traditions of the Empire and of God. The hierarchy does not go from the top down, from the divine to man, it is infected with the same secularism, rationalism, and atheism as the liberal order. There exists no meaning and the nihilism of late-stage capitalism will continue to weaken and fragment us.

The Atlanticists still utilize that civic nation to spread their unipolar world vision. America is still spearheading NATO, imposing their artbitrary and perverse conditions upon nations under the guise of "Human Rights" and "Liberty" while eroding genuine cultures. As these activities are part of the modus operandi of the Neo-Conservatives who have their origins in Trotskyism.

There are people now making the shift to right wing ideas that may have the best of intentions, but they still are either too uneducated to know why democracy doesn't work or are playing it "safe" with alt-lite ideas in order to further their own micro-cults of personality. These people do not need our money or support, they are gatekeepers of the truth, and whomever they attract to them with their subpar and superficial content - we do not need in our movement either.

So as we watch more and more public personalities express right wing ideas and copy our aesthetic and culture, we can do so knowing the tide is slowly turning. However, it's up to us to not let the real message become enveloped by opportunists who are only there to exploit a growing niche market all the while upholding the same neoliberal system. Thus, we can either step up and become true ideological influencers, daring to create what others will not, or let our voices become drowned out in a sea of posers and materialists.

Beware of false prophets.

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