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Against Realism

The future belongs to those bold enough to dream.

Undoubtedly, some of you are shaking your heads at this platitude. You've probably heard some liberal say it, and that's partly why you're so skeptical.

The real reason is probably something else; the brain chemistry that lends itself to conservative and right-wing beliefs is innately... conservative. It is skeptical of radical change and it has an instinctive fear of the unknown.

There is probably good reason for this, I'm sure. It's not hard to imagine how such a temperament would lend itself to survival, and therefore also reproductive success, in the wilderness some two million years ago.

But, alas, we no longer live in the Palaeolithic era, and what was beneficial for self-preservation then could very well lead us to our demise now.

Again: The future belongs to those bold enough to dream.

You may think it sounds like wishy-washy liberal bullshit, but there is a reason liberals have captured the minds of the masses. There is a reason why liberals and leftists possess all institutional power while we are forced to work in anonymous obscurity, with our careers on the line, should someone find out what we are up to:

Their forebears dared to dream. They refused to be deterred by reality; instead they pushed on, bending it to their will.

The fundamental problem with the "realism" of so many on the Right is that it has nothing to do with reality.

Realism doesn't inspire people to take action.

Realism doesn't change the world.

In fact, realism has never accomplished anything great, because it cannot.

As Theodor Herzl wrote in his book The Jewish State:

Realists are, as a rule, only men in the rut of routine who are incapable of transcending a narrow circle of antiquated notions.

Herzl was one of the most influential Zionist intellectuals and activists the world has ever seen. He founded the World Zionist Organisation and promoted Jewish emigration to Palestine. Most of all, he was a dreamer. Herzl died in 1904, but his dream of a Jewish homeland lived on in the hearts and minds of Jews across the globe. 44 years later, the State of Israel was established.

Reality needs something to interact with; something to be steered by. Left to its own devices, it is like a ship in the middle of a stormy ocean. "Realists" are those who would rather hide below deck and discuss whether their deaths will be swift or slow and painful. Dreamers are those brave enough to go out, let in the sails, and grab the oars.

The Left wants you to hide below deck. They want you to be demoralised and hooked on blackpills. That way, you're not a threat to the status quo. That is why they keep feeding you stories about the inevitability of historical progress. That is why they insist "it is too late to go back now." To keep you from hoping, and to keep you from dreaming. Do not let them control you.

Refuse to let reality hold you hostage; refuse to be boxed in by what is "possible" and what isn't. Realise that these things are not set in stone. The moment you stop letting reality control you is the moment you start controlling it.

Remember: If you will it, it is no dream.

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