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A Modest, But Indecent Proposal

True crime has long held a particulary gruesome fascination for many. As Christians, we know that darkness lurks in the hearts of every man and woman, and some people are just more imbuded with the twist of Cain. However, there are some cultures that all but encourage criminality. Mark Galeotti’s new book The Vory shows that the financial and administrative limitations of Tsarist Russia meant that gangs of horse thieves and other brigands controlled much of life in the more rural parts of the empire. Then, during the bleak, bloody days of Lenin and Stalin, war, famine, and brutality gave succor to criminals who lived on the fringes of Soviet power. Even well into the 1950s, when several of the more digusting gulags were closed, Galeotti writes that urban Russia experienced a major crime wave that the Communists Party tried to brush away as mere delinquency.

It was not for nothing that the droogs in Anthony Burgess’ A Clockwork Orange were mostly based on the Soviet thugs that the author saw while visiting the world’s first “workers’ state” .

Closer to these shores, one of the biggest pieces of crime news is the recent unmasking of the “Golden State Killer”. Also known as the “East Area Rapist” and “The Original Night Stalker,” this thoroughly human monster is believed to have raped over fifty victims and killed twelve or thirteen between the years 1976 and 1986. His hunting ground was Northern and Southern California, with the Sacramento area and Ventura being favorite targets.

The crimes of the Golden State Killer are hard to stomach. His M.O. involved breaking into houses late at night, tying up his female and male victims with plastic ties or bedsheets, then raping the woman and torturing the man. GSK took his time at the crime scene, even going so far as to eat food from his victims’ refrigerators. The now deceased author Michelle McNamara wrote the magnum opus on this case just a year before the FBI and California law enforcement named 72-year-old Joseph DeAngelo as their prime suspect.

Since DeAngelo’s outing, the media has dug into his private life. We have been told that DeAngelo is known for his temper, that police used a private genealogical research site to tie his DNA to various crime scenes, that DeAngelo, a Vietnam vet, worked as a small-town police officer in the mid-1970s until he was arrested for shoplifting, and that he may have been driven to a life of crime because of a failed engagement or because an earlier trauma involving the rape of his own sister.

All of this information points towards a very sick man. It also points towards a sick society. Here is my modest, but indecent proposal: societies obsessed with sex and the prurient interests of the slums produces sexual violence.

This was certainly the case in Weimar Germany. The debauched culture of Berlin created a Lustmord madness that festishized everything sadistic and evil. Weimar is well-known for its sexual depravity, and much of this depravity enetered the popular culture thanks to the “science” of sex researches like Magnus Hirschfeld and Ivan Bloch. On the streets, a variety of German prostitutes (some as young as twelve) could be bought for as little as thirty cents. Shocked foreign tourists noted in their diaries that pregnant women and teams composed of mothers and daughters performed some of the most horrendous sex acts on their clients.

Unsurprisingly, Weimar Germany produced serial killers driven by sex and sadism. Peter Kurten, Fritz Haarmann, Carl Grossmann, and Friedrich Schumann are just some of the ghouls who feasted on the decadence of the German republic.

It is also unsurprising that the term “serial killer” was first coined by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), for America experienced a virtual serial killer epidemic between the late 1960s and early 1980s. This also coincided with the height of the “sexual liberation” movement. Then as now, the more “liberated” one was, the more sexual partners they pursued. This made for easy pickings for demons like Ted Bundy, Arthur Shawcross, Charles Ng and Leonard Lake, and Jeffrey Dahmer (the latter being one of America’s most infamous gay serial killers). 18-year-old Janelle Cruz, the last known victim of the Golden State Killer, was the typical 1980s California girls, with a long list of sexual partners under her belt.

This trend of sex murder existed outside of the United States at the same time, with sexual predators popping up in the U.K., Italy, and Japan. Many of these killers shared an abnormal fascination with violent pornography, and at least one even produced pornography himself. Again, with sex encouraged to be on the brain 24/7, bad stuff will happen.

The connection between violence and sex is still very much with us. Today’s great scourge is the mass shooter—a bottom-feeding type of male who has grown up with lower testosterone and greater infertility in a sea of salacious and instantaneous sex. The “Incels” are but one part of the problem. Indeed, most incels are reacting to something that the mainstream media wants to hide: the sexual revolution failed and it has made all of us, even self-proclaimed “sluts” miserable. The Golden State Killer and the recent scumbag who slaughtered ten in Texas have something in common. Namely, they are men of their time: one represents the first flowering of unchecked sexual lust in the United States, while the other embodies the hopelessness and quest for power in a world gone gaga for the vilest shade of egalitarianism.

Ultimately, the individuals reponsible for serial murder and mass shootings bear the most blame for their actions. We can only pin down and spit in society’s face so much. But, unless we are just playing along in the sick charade, we must admit that the relationship between sex and death is not just a meme; it is a reality made more fierce thanks to the marketization of flesh and the elite’s support for unlimited debauchery. If this is what feminists and playboys mean when they say “freedom,” then freedom be damned.

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