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RIP MAGA, Unpacking Trump's Attack On Syria

P.T. Carlo sits down with Alex from the myth of the 20th-century podcast for an emergency meeting to discuss Trump's attack on Syria.

Episode 13: Amerikwa The Beautiful

P.T. Carlo chats with national pastime and ace content creator TV Amerikwa about Amerikwa, The Bugmen and the role of Visual Media in Right Wing discourse

Episode 12: Civilizationism

P.T. Carlo chats with Moses Apostaticus about his writing career, the Migrant Crisis, Historical cycles and more

Episode 11: Weimerican Dreams

P.T. Carlo sits down with Ryan Landry to discuss the state of contemporary Weimerica, the decline of working class culture, the Manosphere and the possibility of returning to Traditional Social arrangements.

Episode 9: #Contentmindset

P.T. Carlo sits down with Kantbot to discuss Frogtwitter, the legacy of the Enlightenment, Traditionalism and the content mindset.

Episode 8: The White Death

P.T. Carlo and Nathan Duffy discuss the causes and consequences of the Heroin Epidemic in the United States, the role of technology as well as briefly digressing to make fun of Rod Dreher and his Liberal opponents.

Episode 7: The Bannoning

P.T. Carlo and Mark Citadel discuss our friend in the White House, Steve Bannon and his worldview.

Episode 6: Chinese Democracy

P.T. Carlo and Lue-Yee discuss the politics and history of China in a rather unwieldy but extremely fun podcast.