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Peter and the Big Mushroom

Peter Sweden and Mushroom Nationalism Jersusalem as capital of Israel New voluntary return policy in Germany Housing bubble in Sweden Bullying Amnesty International Thotpocalypse Brexit meltdown Raderax talking about Austria Intro: Xurious - Europa Weekly @europa_weekly

Actually, Muhammad was Mannerheim's Grandpa

This week: EuroCHUDS owned Response to Michael B's comments BASED managerial elite NRM banned in Finland the Green-Green alliance against ZOG-shops Brexit update Sinn Fein is a cult Elections in Corsica Intro: Xurious - Europa Weekly

All Hail Bike Cuck the Great!

Merchant stories, gaming as the ideological foundation of the Faustian Rebirth, gay shit, Afghani savages, the rational plan to partition France, the retarded dialectic of cross-ideological alliance against globalism, Macron and the war on sexism and the Identitarians having their protest made illegal by the State. Intro: Xurious - Europa Weekly (Jonny B. remix) Link to our Discord:

Europa Weekly Episode 52: U N D E R C O V E R J O U R N A L I S M

This week, the panel dissects a VERY SERIOUS British documentary about the far-right. After that, we discuss an introduction to the concept of SCALE (shoutout to MPC and PMAN). Also, we talk about the French government increasing its financial help to the illegals, family reunification in Ireland, the split of the Jamaican coalition in Germany. We also reiterate our position on the Russian Question. Houellebecq video: Intro: Xurious - Europa Weekly

Europa Weekly Episode 51: Faust & The Ovenmen

Blitz couldn't make it, so Faust is replacing him for this episode. We talk about the march in Poland, various versions of PEGIDA, le 52% face, Faust getting bullied on the 504um for calling out animefags, Varg Vikernes used to be fucking hardcore, Kebabs and fauna, gun control is actually ALPHA, age of consent being lowered in France, a hit piece on Spencer, Farage and the Hebrews, and Ibrahim Halawa, Irish political prisoner. Intro: Xurious - Europa Weekly (Jonny B remix) Thanks to our patrons

Europa Weekly Episode 50: The Art Of Not Being Sorry

During this episode, we talk about many topics: we clarify our position on the American Question, a report on the future of the EU by the Bundeswehr, tensions in the German police force, the truth about the elections in Slovakia, a listener's message about the Czech elections, an acid attack in London and the omnipotence of Putin the Great.

Europa Weekly Episode 49: I'm not Racist mom, i'm just a gamer!

Effortposty episode this week. We take a look at two news items, a poll of favorability in different EU countries and a drive-by shooting in Sweden, before doing a long deconstruction of a recent report produced by the ISD, which you can find here:

Europa Weekly Episode 47: The Peculiar Case Of Mr. H The Obituarist

A country has the Peter Hitchens it deserves. Just as Mosquitoes can only settle in swamps, Hitchens can only settle in the swamp of a state broadcaster's marketing department.