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Hwhyte Hwhyte Huwest

Apologies for the late upload. This week's guest is Johan from Mexico whomst you may remember from a previous livestream episode. After a recap from the latest Europa Weekly bloodsports (Anglo Edition) Johan talks to us about the election in Mexico. We then talk about the Mennel Ibtissem controversy in France.

Episode 25: An Absurd Man

P.T. Carlo sits down with Ben Sixsmith to discuss Albert Camus, John N. Gray, Peter Hitchens and the general state of English politics among other things.

4D Horseshoe Theory

Fenias couldn't make it for this week's episode so Faust filled in last minute to talk about the race-realism debate currently going on in the Netherlands, the Sargon vs Anglin debate, cheddarman and South Africa. To get tickets for arcadifest email

Frei Bürger On The Land

This week's episode mostly contains news items telling us the wonders of multiculturalism. Also, the hypothesis of liberalism as a psycho-anthropological is discussed.

The Free Market is Gay

This week, the merits of LibertAryanism are questioned (even though Objectivism is perfectly logical and serious, dad).

What if the Ethnostate consents?

This week we're joined by none other than Sigfader from Sweden, with whomst we'll discuss the Canadian Question, latest update on Catalonia, the Abortion Referendum in Ireland and Spencer's comments on ethical aryan CP, amongst other things.

Revolt Against the Discord Bots

We return from a series of technical difficulties to bring you this episode, featuring a new recording method, which should be an improvement over the former way. It will get even better for next episode. Topics include: explanation regarding the lost episode, update on PeterMossad, Anglo Hate, MI5 shenanigans, the absolute state of German TV, God-Emperor Macron wants to ban fake news, Spencer is at it again, shitholegate. And here's the abortive episode form last week: Once again, shout out to

Faustian Spirit

Erkenbrand New year's shenanigans Alcohol Iran -Skeptics Macron's secret anti-Jewshenanigans division