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Episode 18: The Conservatard Media Empire

P.T. Carlo and Kevin Michael Grace discuss contemporary state of conservative media as well as its potential future. Or listen via Mp3 here

Episode 17: The Ironycel Blues

P.T. Carlo. Logo Daedelus and Kantbot sit down to talk about the recent Ironycel Controversy as well as other, more obscure, topics. Or listen to the Mp3 here

Episode 16: Against the Trad Dads

P.T. Carlo sits down with eternal Trad Dad, Nick B Steves, to discuss the economic and social difficulties of family formation and patriarchy in the modern West.

Episode 15: Geopolitical Rundown With Adam Garrie

P.T. Carlo sits down with Adam Garrie from The Duran to discuss Trump's foreign policy 180, Syrian safe zones, Russia, Erdogan's ambitions, Pan-Arab Nationalism and more. Download this episode here

Episode 14: The Battle of France

P.T. Carlo and Mark Citadel sit down and chat about the french election results as well as the current state of french society, the importance of Right Wing cities and the prospects for "Road War."

RIP MAGA, Unpacking Trump's Attack On Syria

P.T. Carlo sits down with Alex from the myth of the 20th-century podcast for an emergency meeting to discuss Trump's attack on Syria.

Episode 13: Amerikwa The Beautiful

P.T. Carlo chats with national pastime and ace content creator TV Amerikwa about Amerikwa, The Bugmen and the role of Visual Media in Right Wing discourse

Episode 12: Civilizationism

P.T. Carlo chats with Moses Apostaticus about his writing career, the Migrant Crisis, Historical cycles and more