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Episode 10: New Sincerity

P.T. Carlo and Samuel J Stevens sit down to discuss the state of contemporary literature, the future of publishing and lessons from military history

Episode 9: #Contentmindset

P.T. Carlo sits down with Kantbot to discuss Frogtwitter, the legacy of the Enlightenment, Traditionalism and the content mindset.

Episode 8: The White Death

P.T. Carlo and Nathan Duffy discuss the causes and consequences of the Heroin Epidemic in the United States, the role of technology as well as briefly digressing to make fun of Rod Dreher and his Liberal opponents.

Episode 7: The Bannoning

P.T. Carlo and Mark Citadel discuss our friend in the White House, Steve Bannon and his worldview.

Episode 6: Chinese Democracy

P.T. Carlo and Lue-Yee discuss the politics and history of China in a rather unwieldy but extremely fun podcast.

Episode 5: Berkeley And Everything After

In which P.T. Carlo and Christine Marat discuss the riot at Berkeley and the implications for the Right going forward.

Episode 4: Accelerate!

In which Mark Citadel and P.T. Carlo discuss the competing philosophies of Passivism and Accelerationism. Also check out Mark's post on the subject here

Episode 3: Days Of Rage

In which P.T. Carlo and Nathan Duffy discuss the potential (or lack thereof) for political violence unfolding in the U.S.