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Christ, Nothing And The Alt-Right

For the past several years thinkers from all sides of America's Liberal consensus media have attempted to make sense of the phenomenon known as the "Alt-Right." The descriptions and diagnoses provided by these attempted analyses have varied almost as widely as the political spectrum from which the authors themselves hail. For the Dirtbag Left, the Alt-Right is merely a pathetic collection of White, Middle American "Failsons." For Neoliberal journalist Rosie Gray, who has walked the Alt-Right b

The Seven Heads Of Antichrist: Ethiopian History As A Microcosm Of Global Affairs

In the late twelfth century, a kook by the name of Joachim of Fiore, whom Dante Alighieri said was "endowed with the prophetic spirit," commenced a commentary on John's Apocalypse that would surpass all others for its mystical, imaginative, and radical vision. I promise to dedicate a full article to Joachim in the future, but for now would like to highlight only one of his many curios: the depiction of John's "Dragon of the sea, having seven heads." If you are not familiar with this Biblical

Driving Old Dixie Down: The Fragility of Nationhood

A group of men gather near the park square, their faces covered by bandanas and balaclavas; the police have been warned of what is going to happen and have taken necessary precautions. As the night falls, they move in and begin their destructive work. The police offer no resistance, and in a few hours, their coordinated attack has felled another emblem of a bygone era. No, this is not a mob or even a vigilante gang; they are contractors hired by the city government to remove—over against the pro

Speaking Freely of Freely Speaking Sedition

Given that free speech is one of the most harmful ideas of the past several centuries (it may just take the number one spot, for all I can tell), hammering this point repeatedly has some value, especially given that the framing of today's culture wars converges around this pro/anti-speech axis where the side which poses the greatest existential threat also happens to be quite correct on the subject of dealing with dissent. It's also a good opportunity to sample more Bourbonist opinions, which is

Towards A More Elite Populism

In a 1933 speech in Madrid, on the occasion of his perhaps too optimistic founding of the Falange Española de las JONS, José Antonio Primo de Rivera made the following remarks, “it is not only the construction, the political architecture, we must aim for. We must at every moment of our life, in our every act, adopt an attitude that is truly human, profound and complete. This attitude is a spirit of service and of sacrifice, the ascetic and military conception of life”. Men who have arrayed thems

The Prince, The People, And Fritz Pendleton In Between

Half a year ago, Fritz Pendleton attempted to draw lessons from Bonapartism (my response here). Most recently, he has presented us with a treatise that is strange in just how conventional and neutered it is. Pendleton is nominally aiming to pursue the same direction as a Karl Ludwig von Haller: a comprehensive theory of a top-to-bottom anti-liberal/anti-radical statecraft. Instead, he has somehow ended up repackaging the most vanilla English (or perhaps French) constitutional monarchism imaginab

Moving Towards A Post-Liberal Theory of Right

Post-Liberal thought at the present state of its art is a heterogeneous mess, a jumble of scattered critiques, arguments, analyses, and insights that seem to lack inner coherence; a crowd of particulars that await being gathered in a formal synthesis under a set of explicit and general abstract principles and thus given rigorous systematic unity comparable to that of a body of law (juridical or scientific; law is law). In some ways this is perfectly fitting for a movement that, after all, is con

Reihan Salam: Decolonizer Of The American Right

In July of last year, our Dear Leader penned a piece asking the question, “Is there a more notable Conservative Wunderkind than Ross Douthat?” Your author has risen to answer this challenge and present for your reading pleasure, none other than Douthat’s own co-author, co-liberal, and we’re-just-chums-I-swear guy friend Reihan Morshed Salam. Salam has had something of a more illustrious career in the last year than Douthat—a nimble Abbott to Douthat’s bumbling Costello, he has somehow managed to