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Responsible Power: Towards A New Frame Of International Relations

Power Concepts In The U.S. Power is by its very nature material (the economic power of money or resources, the availability of physical means for compulsion, as well as men and material) as well as psychological (legal, religious, or scientific power, intellectual and social prestige, charisma, illusory or real reputation), and both variants are used for securing diplomatic or military strength. By its very nature, which is neither good nor bad, power appears differently everywhere, and its appe

Devil's Bargain: The March For Life And The Novus Ordo Church

It’s funny, to someone who knows the history, how close the Minnesota state capitol sits to the cathedral of Saint Paul. Our first archbishop, John Ireland, was one of the great proponents of the Americanist heresy, that belief that our nation’s Catholics must adjust their creeds to the way of democratic government, so perhaps it’s fitting that Minnesota’s great temple to Christ stands so near our temple to Demos—they seem almost to share space, separated as they are by a lot of scraggly grass c

DC On A Balmy Friday: An Anti-Abortion Ally’s Account Of The Embarrassing Failure That Was The 2018 March For Life

Last week your author made an arduous cross-country journey to attend the 2018 March for Life in Washington, DC. What follows here is an attempt at—or perhaps an experiment in—the peculiar type of spirit-conjuring we as a society have come to accept under the title “journalism”. Before leaping in, there is one thing that should be made plain worth mention: dispense with any delusion you may have, dear reader, that the event we are about to revisit is a right-wing event. Pro-Life is a decidedly l

The Soul in Torment

In 1949, Simone Weil published The Need for Roots. It was a response to the upending of the European world arising from World War II. Starting with World War I, the moral order fractured and politics became blood sport. The supposedly civilized world slide into mass murder on a never before seen scale.Weil understood that a just and compassionate moral order arises out of societies where the soul’s needs are met and not trampled upon. Weil, also being a religious mystic as well as a philosopher,

China, A Fourth Rome?

As a Chinaman born in the United States, I find myself able to speak to both places and neither. By accidents of fortune, however – or of providence, rather – I have identified more with China even as I have lived my whole life in the West. English is my third language, after Cantonese and Mandarin, even if I use it to express my intellectually most complex thoughts; and though my best of the three in writing, trained by the use of Latin, it is the vehicle of a Chinese soul. So it is in English

Nativism and Radical Republicanism: A Curious Relationship

Once upon a time, Tennessee was a stronghold of the Whig Party. More specifically, from about 1836 to 1852. In 1860, Tennessee was also one of three states to capture the electoral vote for the Constitutional Union Party, a splinter group of former Whigs and Know Nothings. Despite being the home of Andrew Jackson, some of the most virulent anti-Jacksonians would come from the same state. Among them was William Gannaway Brownlow, editor of Brownlow's Whig, Methodist minister, Governor of Tennesse

California Dreaming: Light and Dark

“And if all else failed you could get a sense of patriotism from the popular culture. The movies celebrated democratic values and implicitly reinforced the idea that America was special”: President Reagan’s Farewell Address (1989) “Do you know the world is a foul sty? Do you know if you rip the fronts off houses you'd find swine? The world's a hell. What does it matter what happens in it?”: Joseph Cotton, Shadow of a Doubt, Universal (1943) Few countries have identified themselves so thoroughly

The Barkeep As Guardian of Civilization: Recovering The Lost Art Of Epicurean Mixology

Originally the title for this piece was going to be “How Women Destroyed Drinking,” but in the course of writing, a greater problem seemed to reveal itself and your author felt that perhaps it was best to leave all the misogynistic mansplaining on Thermidor to Billy Pratt. While female empowerment has had a role to play in the decline of enjoying drink as drink, the wider escapism of alcohol consumption is not solely the result of the unrestrained social feminine. Bartenders, who during the midd