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How Classical Liberalism Got Pwned

Social equity today does not have to be so much fought for by young radicals as administrated by managers of all ages. -- Jay M. Shafritz and E.W. Russell, Introducing Public Administration A long-standing dilemma that disturbs the libertarians is the question of how classical liberalism was so badly butchered into the pinko social liberal ideology of Hobhouse, Green, Lloyd George, etc. which it is today. The straight answer is that no one butchered it and that liberalism outside of Engl

Europe - A View from the Streets

Prologue Let me take you for a walk. It’s a warm afternoon, and we’re in a regional city in France. We start by the pier, where attractive French couples young and old stroll along the water, taking in the embrace of the sun onto their already-bronzed limbs alongside the embrace of their loved ones. The pure white sheen of the boats in the dock is soothed by their sunglasses. We head up, inland. We pass by an attractive collection of cafes and restaurants of varying price ranges, serving charcu

Michael Brendan Dougherty, Ariana Grande And The Sickness Called "Freedom"

After every attack by Islamic Terrorists on a target in the Western world, an inevitable deluge of commentary emerges which urges both solidarity with the victims as well as a robust defense of any symbols which may have also been attacked. You can now add Michael Brendan Dougherty’s recent piece at National Review to this ever-burgeoning genre. Yet Dougherty’s article is far from formulaic and ends up raising profound questions, perhaps inadvertently, about the nature of the very West many clai

Cube & The Price Of Conspiracy

I don't often use movies as a point of reference for a broader point. For one, I lost interest in cinema several years ago, and in addition I generally find that very few movies, especially in the contemporary era, make salient points about anything, even while there certainly are unintended cases of a movie raising interesting questions (for those doubting this, I highly recommend P.T. Carlo's The Desperate Ideology of Zootopia.) Surrealist films often do a better job of conveying a sincere mes

Inherent Vice and Virtue

Against the backdrop of sun-drenched coastal California landscapes and the seedy dregs of underworld intrigue, what emerges into the fore of Paul Thomas Anderson's Inherent Vice is a familiar opposition. Driving the action is the dialectic between the Squares and the Subversives, the Straights and the Slackers, the powers-that-be and the refuse on the fringes of society. As a hippy-doper P.I., Doc Sportello (played by Joaquin Phoenix, though Robert Downey Jr. was originally slated for the role)

Degeneracy in the Age of Enlightenment and Beyond: The Trailblazing Neoreactionary Sociology of John Brown

The new Reaction, they say, entails a “full reboot of the social sciences.” A new body of knowledge, in the course of drawing epistemic lines of demarcation around itself, does not simply wipe the slate clean of all past traditions and knowledges; rather, in the process of demarcation, it defines for itself what Michel Foucault called a “field of memory” in the form of a scholarly canon that identifies important pioneers and precursors in past authors marginalized or ignored in the field of memo

Terror and Tribe in the West

A 22-year-old “British man” named Salman Abedi has been named as the perpetrator of a suicide bombing in Manchester that killed 22 people and injured 57 as of writing. His parents are Libyans, and the attack may have been inspired or coordinated by the Islamic State. He has traveled to Syria previously, and his family has a history of involvement in political Islam and terrorism. So, of course, he was in Britain; why wouldn’t he be? It is one in a long string of such terror attacks in recent mem

The Brazilification of the West

One of the constant refrains heard after every act of Wahhabist terrorism in the West is the sentiment that while we must mourn the victims we also should carry on about our business, as usual, otherwise the "terrorists win." This idea has a long pedigree and can be found as far back as George W. Bush's admonishment to the American people after the 9/11 attacks that the best way to fight back against terrorism was to go about their normal lives and "head down to Disney world.” The premise behind