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Royalist and Rousseauist All the Same

Proprietors, whoever you are, beware of supporting a false doctrine. Men who have nothing are not your equals. -- Antoine Joseph de Barruel-Beauvert, Cri de l'honneur et de la vérité aux proprietaires (1792) What little we know of Antoine Joseph de Barruel-Beauvert's (it appears his nobiliary particle is disputed) biography presents quite the fascinating picture. Born in 1757, he serves as a militiaman, was an attempted savior of Louis XVI, a royalist newspaper editor after the Thermidorian

Silmarils, Synthwave, and Sham Futurism

The final great creative offerings of Faustian man before the snows of civilizational winter begin to descend upon his soul reveal much about what Paul Tillich (indulge your author) referred to as his "ultimate concern." A man in decline, vaguely aware of himself and his coming end, inevitably turns his mind in one of two directions, whose paths he can never hope to tread. Either he embraces his fate, but pines for the magical youth of fantastic ideals and dreams-made-real or he rejects it and

Cyanide and Myth-Making

The narrative is everything. The narrative is why a multi-racial jury in San Francisco decided to acquit illegal immigrant Jose Ines Garcia Zarate of the murder of the 31-year-old American woman Kate Steinle. 1 The narrative is why the American press is going gaga over Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Salman, a liberal reformer who has cozied up to Israel at the sake of perpetual war in the Middle East. 2 The narrative is why the Cathedral labels people who fret about “white genocide” as conspiracy t

Smash the Liègeoise

But it would be desirable in this respect, ecclesiastics and seculars, nobles and bourgeois, to unite, to make one family, for all but one public fund. and that all contribute in proportion to their property and their faculties. For this purpose a general meeting would be necessary; it would be necessary to put aside any esprit de corps which tends only to bring several states into a state by diversifying interests; which is the greatest of the political evils. It was quite anxious that all of t

The Roots Of D'Souza's Dementia

Dinesh D’Souza has one goal in life: tearing down the Democratic Party. That’s an honorable goal, but good ole Dinesh is going about it all the wrong way. His “Dems R the Real Racists” shtick has all the appeal of a warm, milky case of syphilis. He may sell a lot of books, but nobody is really buying his arguments. And it’s not because he’s always wrong, either. In fact, D’Souza is right more than he is wrong. The book that D’Souza is pimping these days is “The Big Lie,” a 256-page exposé of h

Political Organizing And The Right: Towards A New Leninism

The comparative state of political organization on the political Left and Right today is really something to behold. Considered as a sociological variable, organization is statistically distributed between Left and Right on a binary, all or nothing basis; it is, for all practical purposes, a digital variable whose values are 1 and 0 respectively. The Left is absolutely organized from top to bottom and every point in between, from the lowliest dumpster-dwelling street trash at the very bottom, or

Requiem For A Dream: The Broken Pedestal Of Martin Luther King, Jr.

The John F. Kennedy assassination papers released by President Trump several weeks ago were in large part a disappointment. Most of the established theories remain unchanged, and very little was revealed about Oswald himself other than that there was panic among very prominent American communists after the shooting. Eyebrows, however, were raised about the contents of several reports unrelated to JFK—and there has been panic among very prominent American academics as a result. The Thor’s Oak int

The Old New Left: Student Radicalism in the 1930s

Ho Chi Minh! Ho Chi Minh! There has long prevailed a certain exceptionalism about the 1960s. It all went so well with the decade prior, with Father Knows Best on the air... and then, the Yippies are nominating a pig for President, "free love" reigns freely indeed, and the Jews sell America out in 1965. Except really big this time around. It wasn't that exceptional, not even the youthful vitality. For there was a student radical movement contemporaneous (sometimes collaborating with) the New Deal