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Who's In Charge Here?

During the Clinton presidency, it was joked that The New Republic was the “in-flight magazine of Air Force One.” While it had always been an influential outlet on the left, having published many of the godfathers of American progressivism like John Dewey, The New Republic reached its peak in influence in the 1990s. At that time it was considered the sober, policy-minded, pragmatic, center of leftist thought, just as Bill Clinton himself was seen. Both the magazine and the president did away with

American Homer: Kurt Sutter & Catholic Identity in Mid-Century America

Kurt Sutter is the creator of the popular television series Sons of Anarchy, about an outlaw motorcycle club in the fictional town of Charming, California, somewhere between Oakland and Stockton. Sutter also plays the character Otto, a member of the Sons. Otto is an older member, who went into Stockton State Prison to do a six-year sentence, committed crimes inside for the Club that added another 30, and ended up on death row. Via various gang warfare attacks within the prison walls he ends up b

Making a Travesty of the State

Last week in Canada, Bill C-16 received Royal assent. The bill amends the Canadian Human Rights Act to prohibit discrimination against "gender identity or expression"; and, more controversially, amends the infamous hate-speech provisions of the Criminal Code to criminalize speech critical of "gender identity or expression". Make no mistake: the following is no hand-wringing lament over the erosion of "muh free speech". I leave it to Libertarian deontologists to uncover, in the abstract formal

Angela Nagle's Wild Ride

What a time to be alive, that’s what I have to say. We live in plastic times, where the long ossified habits of our collective Social-Entity have begun to thaw, and for the first time in the memory of many, some kind of change at least seems possible. But we know all this already. I consider myself an accelerationist, but one who only holds out hope not for a better world when all’s said and done, but only for a decent book about what transpired. When I saw Angela Nagle’s new book Kill All Normi

Capturing an Aesthetic of Action

There was a critique here not long ago addressing the dearth of genuine artistic involvement across the spectrum of the new reactionary political movements. The complaint the author voiced, which the author carried with some aplomb, was that the political phenomenon of neoreaction has become all too mundane: “the right wing tends toward overly rigid, Apollonian thinking, where overt politics and economics are the only things that matter.” Where art is valued, he asserts, conversation “quickly de

The Other Globalists

Every time I play a game of chess with two fianchettoed bishops on the same diagonal, I imagine what the pied pair of churchmen must be thinking. Father White is a fellow man of the cloth!  My player be damned—I’ll not attack him and dishonor my vows.   It’s hard to imagine two hierarchs crossing crosiers.   The black-and-white concept of countries as discrete pieces struggling for position on a global chessboard has been the operating foreign policy paradigm since the rise of nation-statism as

Abandoned Dreams, Hopper as the Anti-Rockwell.

It is a cliché to admit the very basic truth that art “represents life”. Rather, art is a window into the varieties of intensities, flows of desires and psychical (dare I say metaphysical) dispositions of a certain episteme. Art not only represents the ages but transforms and explicates the hidden assumptions of those ages that have been caked in a layer of mundane everydayness. Art is a process of fantastical extrapolation of the goings-on behind the veil of the collectively agreed upon consens

The Enlightenment Roots of Evergreen College's Frankenstein Monster

In the latest, and perhaps most insane, instance of campus madness, a student group at Evergreen State in Washington held a 'white day of absence' event where whites were not supposed to attend classes (as students or professors). When one professor and Jewish progressive, Bret Weinstein, vocally objected and declined to participate, this triggered an assortment of rabid protests. Student mobs confronted Weinstein and occupied parts of campus, blockading faculty and attempting to intimidate them