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Materialism, Truth, And Power

A hallmark of our Modern world is the belief that nothing except physical matter exists, or conceivably can. The materialist world-view regards the transcendent, the eternal, and the Divine as ridiculous pre-scientific superstition, and religion as extremely dangerous to public order. Anybody who admits to believe in God or otherwise expresses an interest in the spiritual side of life is liable to be at once derided as a laughably soft-headed fool and a dangerous subversive obviously plotting wi

Engelbert Dollfuss And The Tragedy Of Interwar Austria

Austria sits alongside most of Europe’s nations as being an afterthought in contemporary education on the subject of WWII and the events that precipitated it. We know that Nazi Germany effectively foisted the Anschluss upon them, and thus Austria was incorporated into the Third Reich. Other than that, Austria’s interwar history is unfairly brushed off as not being worthy of note. As much as Germany’s economy was in ruins after WWI, Austria’s was in many ways worse. The collapse of the Austro-Hu

Asceticism of the Wagecuck

The human being is a body-soul unity, and there is a hierarchy to this human constitution. When the body rules over the soul, the human is in a state of disorder; when the rational soul rules over the body and its passions, the human is in a healthy state. The Greek word ἄσκησις, meaning training or exercise, came to describe any disciplined practice, whether it be that of an athlete, warrior, or philosopher. In the religious sense it's a means of disciplining the body through deprivation and ph

The Submission Of Ross Douthat

Is there a more notable Conservative Wunderkind than Ross Douthat? Douthat, age 36, has been an established presence on the New York Times Op-Ed page since 2009. The only Times columnist to vocally oppose both Abortion and Sodomite “Marriage,” Douthat fills the niche of evil Right-Wing Bogeyman/Piñata nicely for the enlightened readership of the Grey Lady. These stances have earned him much endearment and many accolades amongst the nation’s good natured conservatives who have come to view Doutha

Boots and Suits

In writing about the recent brouhaha over the anarchist-communist shutdown of a planned talk by alt light speechmaker Milo Yiannapoulos, Jim Goad summed up the Real Right’s challenge quite succinctly: “Perhaps a major problem with the right these days is that there are too many suits and not enough boots.” The late British reactionary Jonathan Bowden would have called for more “cultured thugs,” but the idea is the same—the right needs might. Instead of falling in amongst ourselves over what def

Reaction in the Prestige Drama

There is a hunger in the human being for the real and the beautiful. Though the reigning Neoliberal order does much to damage this desire, in addition to whatever we contribute ourselves, it is a fundamental constituent of being human. However degraded the tediously shallow and nihilistic hellscape of postmodern American—or rather Anglo—popular culture may be, we can still find evidence of this hunger running like a counter-current to the dominant flow of degeneracy. The appearance and success o

Deep Identity In The Amerikwan Wasteland

Describing and diagnosing problems is easy, finding solutions to them tends to be much harder. Almost everyone, aside from the die-hard NeoLiberal believer, recognizes the problem in one form or another. Namely, that due to various historical forces which we neither have the time nor the inclination to discuss here, Modern Society in the developed West has advanced (or degenerated) to the point where almost all forms of traditional community and identity have been eliminated. Leaving in their wa

Francis Fukuyama's Dream Of The 90's

The year was 1992, the Cold War officially came to an end, Boyz II Men were topping the charts, and the first McDonald’s restaurant opened its doors in downtown Beijing… it seemed anything was possible. It was an age of optimism; the United States had finally exorcised the demons of Vietnam in a blaze of cathartic butchery along Iraq’s Highway 80 and a young, eloquent sexual predator handily unseated a respected but uninspiring incumbent. As the new President celebrated his inauguration, Fleetwo