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Reaction in the Prestige Drama

There is a hunger in the human being for the real and the beautiful. Though the reigning Neoliberal order does much to damage this desire, in addition to whatever we contribute ourselves, it is a fundamental constituent of being human. However degraded the tediously shallow and nihilistic hellscape of postmodern American—or rather Anglo—popular culture may be, we can still find evidence of this hunger running like a counter-current to the dominant flow of degeneracy. The appearance and success o

Saving Private Spielberg: Moral Cowardice And The Modern War Film

War films are, in many ways, the bread and butter of the Hollywood memeplex, as they provide the opportunity for both profit taking and the promotion of Ideology. There are obviously many examples of this, but few of them ever come close to eclipsing the soggy ball of kitsch and sentimentality which was Steven Spielberg's 1998 Blockbuster "Saving Private Ryan." The film managed to be both a critical darling as well as a cash cow for the studios. Much of its dual popularity was due to the, now f

Religious Cinema In The Current Year

With religious identification on the decline in America and general religious knowledge and awareness at an abysmal nadir, especially among the elites who run the country, the antireligious and areligious refuse that dominates Hollywood and the entertainment industry is not particularly surprising. While America is renowned as the most gauche western nation when it comes to its embrace and trumpeting of Christian religion, this is a somewhat dated characterization. Not only is explicit religiou

Rogue One: A Jihad Story

When reviewing any Star Wars film it is important to point out an obvious, but frequently overlooked fact about the franchise. Namely, that Star Wars is for children. The fact that so many adult men and women seem unaware of this and somehow claim to find profundity within the confines of the series’s inherent shallowness speaks to the arrested development experienced by so many of Weimerica’s infantilized adults. The series’s childishness hasn’t stopped it from becoming the vehicle for Neolib

The Desperate Ideology Of Zootopia

Recent decades have seen Americans become familiar with the hopes and dreams of various species of Anthropomorphic Mammals. They’ve gone from being a trope to an outright tradition for animators at Disney-Pixar, who have used them as the smiling, furry vehicles of their ideological agendas. The latest instalment of this phenomenon has been the cinematic abomination entitled: Zootopia, which has received a 99% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and as of this writing, is currently on pace to be one of the

Deadpool: Nu-Male In The Promised Land

The Superhero Industrial Complex has been pushed into full production mode over the last several years, producing piece after piece of forgettable C.G.I.-laden trash. In spite of the seeming supply glut of bad comic book cinema, the demand amongst infantilized adults for still more just never seems to run dry. Thus, Deadpool was born into this world: on the surface merely another attempt by studio execs to cash in on the nerd culture craze. However, beneath the recycled plotline, wooden characte