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From Kennedy to Weinstein

Let us cut to the chase. Edward “Teddy” Kennedy was one miserable, contemptible excuse for a human being. But dead he has been for eight years, so why bother now sifting through the sordid details, the mountainous offal strewn in the wake of his long and epically degenerate life? Two words: Harvey Weinstein. The recent outing of this bloated, debauched full-time Hollywood kingpin and moneybags man for Democrat politicians like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and a certain part-time rapist raise

Harvey's Hollywood

Allegations and revelations continue to roll out surrounding the Harvey Weinstein scandal. Audio of a reptilian Weinstein attempting to seduce a young model against her will was just released. Gwenyth Paltrow accused him of aggressively attempting a pass when she was a young actress, which she refused, and which her then-boyfriend Brad Pitt later confronted him about. Rose McGowan has alleged both that he sexually harassed her and today called out Ben Affleck—who was in the process of denouncing

Why The Left Hates Guns

Is the Pope a Catholic? Does the Left hate guns? People of the left hate guns more than almost anything else they remotely associate with the despised right, more than gas guzzlers, home school families, coal companies and coal miners, confederate flags and statues or pro-life protestors. Mention the NRA and watch it trigger spasms of fury and outpourings of disgust from an over-stimulated SJW. The NRA for them is evil incarnate. No other organization is likely more detested and execrated. What

Viva Last Resort

The United States is once again doing the parade of grief after yet another high-profile mass murder. This time though, more than a few eyebrows remain raised over the strangeness of the shooter. In sum, here’s what we know so far. The shooter, 64-year-old Stephen Paddock was a rather well-to-do man who lived part-time in a retirement community located in Mesquite, Nevada. He had a live-in girlfriend named Marilou Danley, a Filipina with dual citizenship to both the Philippines and Australia.

Where Is The Refuge In Post-Obama America?

In 1989 Zbigniew Kazimierz Brezezinski, a premier theorist of totalitarian political systems, published The Grand Failure: The Birth and Death of Communism in the Twentieth Century. He lived a long and eventful life and unfortunately sold the services of his formidable Polish intellect to the likes of Lyndon Johnson and the feckless, attempted rabbit slayer, James Earl Carter Jr. (For those taken with odd coincidences, Brezezinksi was awarded his Harvard Ph.D. with a dissertation on Lenin’s terr

Whither Reaction?

Are We a Movement? One need only spend some time in the precincts of the dissident right to see a great deal of infighting between various persons, some over ideology, others over what appears to be petty grievances. Whether it is Trump, Gab or Counterfund, spend any time debating on Twitter, or simply discussing a mildly controversial issue, and it will not be long before you are called an idiot or worse. It is now a commonplace to see tweets and blog posts expressing regret at this lack of u

Content-minded, A Brief Reflection on the 2017 Content Emmys.

Dear Readers, We find ourselves in strange times on the Internet indeed. So strange is the alternative and fringe reaction-spheres and sub-culture twitter ecosystems, so nuanced and Gordian-knot like is their Genealogies, memes and general trajectories. A lot of development has happened online, and a lot more people are genuinely interested in alternative political and cultural worldviews. To me, it seems it started with Gamergate, culminated in the mainstream attention given to the “alternativ

The Quiet Death of High Toryism

A thorough draining of the swamp in America, or in just about any other country, would unavoidably require a certain degree of repression beyond the more basic things like lustration of civil servants. In any state of emergency, dissent is intolerable. Outlawing of combinations, acts against political meetings and clubs -- these were all completely normal tools used by Pitt the Younger, Metternich, Guizot and others to maintain a grip in the midst of tumult. However, such seeming acts of right-w