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Contemporary Art: A Special Aesthetic Case of the Left Singularity

In previous instalments, we looked at the journey from Modernism to Postmodernism as, essentially, a process of picking the low-hanging fruit of aesthetic innovation – selecting new forms/styles once they became conceivable within aesthetic-possibility space. Here we begin to understand the dynamics of deskillification – the complex interplay of forces, which has led to the tightening of a concept > skills ratchet, resulting in a contemporary moment in which art looks like things like this, and

Fake Pronouns and Muslim Immigrants

“We go forward together. And we go forward stronger than ever. We're not going to let them win...We'll go about our business. Be New Yorkers. Live your life. Don't let them change us.” Crocodile tears, Andrew Cuomo style. This was the New York Governor at a news conference shortly after Sayfullo Saipov, an immigrant who came in 2010 on a lottery “diversity” visa from Uzbekistan, killed eight people and injured 14 others with his rented truck on bike path in the Big Apple. It was no surprise to

Reverse Lottery

The religion of peace has struck again. On Halloween, a hirsute jihadi named Sayfullo Saipov, 29, drove down the wrong way in Lower Manhattan in a rented truck from Home Depot. Saipov drove over bikers and pedestrians, including a foursome of recent graduates from Argentina. After crashing into a school bus, Saipov exited his vehicle, shouted “Allahu Akbar,” and raised two handguns which turned out to be a pellet gun and a paintball gun 1. Luckily, NYPD officer Ryan Nash punched holes in Saipo

Kevin Spacey and Homosexual Pedophiles

Another day, another big Hollywood celebrity (and another who is friends with the Clintons), has been accused of sexual misconduct—this time against a minor. Kevin Spacey was accused by actor Anthony Rapp of drunkenly attempting to seduce him when he was 14. As with Weinstein's bizarre statement that he released in the wake of allegations of sexual assault against him—wherein he inanely attempted to misdirect attention from his guilt by vowing to go after conservatives—Spacey's statement also co

Has the Spanish Civil War Ended?

“Spain on a knife's edge as Madrid seizes control of rebel Catalonia” (Madrid, AFP) Deja vu isn’t what it used to be. I’m confused. Hasn’t the Spanish Civil War ended? Here is a clue from the first paragraph of the AFP news release under the headline above. “Spain was plunged into crisis Friday as Madrid seized power from independence-seeking Catalonia, the first curtailment of regional autonomy since the brutal dictatorship of Francisco Franco.” Yes, let’s keep “the brutal dictatorship of Fr

Storming the Rubicon

Say what you will about President Donald John Trump, but he will forever sit proudly in my personal shrine of American heroes because of one simple fact: he saved us from four years of Hillary Clinton. This schadenfreude is not based on mere misogyny (although feminism is a sin against God and the 19th Amendment should go night-night), for Clinton should not be loathed simply because she is a harridan who drinks baby's blood every Walpurgisnacht. Rather, Clinton should be loathed because she is

The Devil is in the Details

For all the talk of returning to a deep-rooted and traditional past, the dissident right has retained perhaps the most defining trait of the modern West. Be it the cold eugenicists rooting for Richard Spencer, the neo-pagans beating each other up in the hills of Virginia, or the merely the latter-day Cynics of Moldbuggian NRx, all branches of the dissident right have a place for Christianity outside the doors of their future society. In spite of 1500 years of history shaping the West, the friend

California Burns

The Golden State has long been synonymous with far-Left kookiness. In the 1960s, San Francisco attracted New Age gurus, hippies, yippies, and at least one serial killer who may or may not be a certain senator from Texas. A decade later, religious cults sprung up all across the state, while a certain politician in the Bay Area made it cool to be queer. Harvey Milk eventually got gunned down by a man who cited “diminished capacity” and Twinkies as the reason why he pulled the trigger. The shooter