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Stately Bawdiness: The Poetry of Catullus

Having covered some of the great Greek poets, including Hesiod and Sappho, it’s time to move on to some of the Romans. With the Greeks, I tried to approach their literature roughly in chronological order, but here I’ll begin in the late Republic with Catullus. He’s among the Classical world’s most popular poets, at least among those who don’t, like Homer, have the mixed blessing of being frequently assigned to bored high schoolers, and perhaps the best way to introduce Catullus and see why is to

Thermidor Hatemail Vol 2: "You Are Despicable"

Editor's note: this is the full, unredacted text of an email I found in my inbox today. Dear Thermidor Magazine, I am an American Internet user of Irish descent. I stumbled across your site while doing some research on Twitter relating to the Catalan independence movement, which I support with all my heart and soul. I read your incredibly hateful article on Catalonia. I have to say it - you are Nazis. You are fucking imperialist and Islamophobic Nazis and your worldview is just like that of Adol

First Things Bombshell Stirs Up Catholic Web

A recent piece at First Things by Fr. Romanus Cessario dredges up the 19th century case of Edgardo Mortara living under the Papal States. Born to a Jewish family, as an infant Edgardo became ill and his nanny secretly baptized him without parental consent (which is not necessary to acquire in cases of near-death emergency, according to canon law). After having recovered from his illness, Pope Pius IX arranged for the child to be removed from his home and raised and educated by the Catholic Churc

Sweden is a Blast

There is no reason to rehash talk about ABBA, Volvo, or sunbathing nude blonds. Sweden isn’t Sweden anymore, and the reason is because of immigration. This is cold coffee insofar as the right-wing media is concerned. Similarly, most consumers of reactionary or conservative content know that Sweden’s rape statistics are among the highest in the developed world. Yes, it is true that Sweden’s extremely liberal definitions of “rape,” a consequence of decades of feminist, social democratic programmi

Scientifically Historicizing Progress

A 2006 essay by Ralph Seliger, himself a left-liberal Zionist, remains one of the best article overviews of the oft-cited relationship between neoconservatism and Trotskyism. Its stated purpose is to debunk the "Jewishness" of the neoconservatives, but the author's retelling of events that he was sometimes a first-hand witness to speak for themselves. Unlike virtually everyone else, I don't regard neoconservatism by itself as ever having been a significant phenomenon. It's nothing more than the

Exiled in Place

Another shot has been fired by Adrian Vermeule, that indomitable professor at Harvard Law, in the recent row amongst certain conservative and traditional Catholics on how to deal with the problem of liberalism. Vermeule takes aim at ostensibly traditionally minded Catholics who hold that at least a maintenance of peace with the secular liberal order is possible and desirable. Vermeule, contra our friend Ross Douthat and others, believes that it is not. In this we at Thermidor tend to share Verme

Iran, The Last Gasp Of The Anglo Zionist Empire?

Conspiracy theories travel fast and far in traditional countries. For dwellers of the poorer lands—beset by short term life-threatening challenges and subjected to, or at least within sight of, real caloric restraints—find it obvious that dark and powerful forces lie behind events. No doubt it will come to be understood throughout the “third world”, particularly in the Muslim world, that the Anglo-Zionist coalition was thwarted in Syria, and its proxies crushed. The lesson will be: “don’t work f

Third World Creepin'

Chicago has always been a violent, disgusting place. Jeffrey S. Adler’s First in Violence, Deepest in Dirt makes it all too clear that the Windy City was born in blood and made money out of misery. Like Manchester, Chicago presents a picture of what unfettered capitalism and the attendant misery of both liberal and Marxist materialism can do to a body politick. Chicago, a city celebrated by poet Carl Sandburg as a big-shouldered metropolis that smelled like a slaughterhouse, has quite the rogu