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Weinstein And The Fall of the House of Clinton

Three days after Hillary Clinton’s shocking defeat in the 2016 Presidential election the leftie, trend-setting Vanity Fair headlined with The Fall of the House of Clinton. The sub-title of the article is worth parsing: How a Political Dynasty Lost its Way. That the Clintons are (or were) a political dynasty is no exaggeration. From the article: “With the exception of 2014, when Hillary Clinton was already plotting her second presidential campaign, at least one of the Clintons, Bill or Hillary, h

Immortal Fragments: Sappho's Poetry

When looking across the Western literary canon, it quickly appears that writing is, in a sense, a man's game. Take a list of recommended authors from before the era of political correctness, and one generally finds only a few women represented. To take a convenient example, Mortimer Adler and Charles van Doren's list of essential authors from the first appendix to How to Read a Book (which includes fiction and non-fiction) has only one female author, with Jane Austen standing alone to represent

I For One Welcome Our Han Overlords

The Red Chinese are going to take over the world. Vladimir Putin, mystified, said as much to the American film maker Oliver Stone. In Stone’s 2017 documentary interview series, Putin noted that, when one looks ahead 20 or 30 years, it’s obvious world stability requires a strong US-Russia relationship. The Russian leader has long been exasperated at the West’s insistence that Russia be a foe. Always diplomatic, Vladimir Vladimirovich left unsaid the obvious reason for strong US-Russia ties: China

Bye-Bye, Bobby Mugabe

After over thirty-five years in power, Robert Mugabe, the great strongman and “woke” leader of Zimbabwe, was deposed by his own military in one day. On Wednesday, Major General Sibusiso Moyo made an address on national television saying that the Zimbabwe National Army was in full control of the capital (Harare) and that Mugabe was no longer calling the shots. General Moyo did, however, note that Mugabe and his wife Grace are both alive and well. South African President Jacob Zuma confirmed that

Sola Consensio and Elizabeth Bruenig

In the wake of the proliferating revelations of sexual misconduct, pederasty, and sexual abuse in Hollywood and journalism (politics too, though it's old hat there), many people are asking themselves what it all signifies. For liberals and feminists, the common take is that it's the same old patriarchy, up to its usual tricks, all that is changing is a willingness on behalf of victims to speak up thanks to gains made by feminism in the social realm. The reactionary take is generally that Hollyw

Re-Imaging First Principles

At the root of every mistaken political theory there lies a theological error. This is an axiom held by a wide variety of reactionary thinkers, especially those of a more Catholic bend (e.g. Juan Cortés Donoso, Nicolás Gómez Dávila, Carl Schmitt, etc). Arguably the most articulate and well known of these thinkers is the legendary Carl Schmitt, who so clearly amplifies this concept in his classic work, Political Theology. In the essay, Schmitt draws an analogy between theology and sovereign powe

The Dweeb Menace

Last Sunday’s shooting at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas had all the trappings of one of America’s longest-running scourges: the dweeb menace. Shooter Devin Patrick Kelley (a name so Irish that it makes computer screens reek of cabbage) walked into the church dressed for war. In his hands, he carried a Ruger 556 semi-automatic rifle. In one brutal stroke, Kelley killed a sizable portion of the entire town’s population when he gunned down twenty-six. Eyewitnesses claim tha

Contemporary Art: A Special Aesthetic Case of the Left Singularity

In previous instalments, we looked at the journey from Modernism to Postmodernism as, essentially, a process of picking the low-hanging fruit of aesthetic innovation – selecting new forms/styles once they became conceivable within aesthetic-possibility space. Here we begin to understand the dynamics of deskillification – the complex interplay of forces, which has led to the tightening of a concept > skills ratchet, resulting in a contemporary moment in which art looks like things like this, and