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Science As Mythos In The Age Of Digitality.

In our hyper digital and “connected” age, millennials are increasingly singing the laments of their forgone childhoods in the 90s. Rather, that little voice of the soul inside of them is screaming out, warning them of the moral and spiritual dangers of the modern world that they so wish to repress and ignore. Spiritual materialism prevents them from heeding such warnings, therefore millennials are caught between a future they instinctively know is heading in a wrong direction, but do not have th

Letter to the Editor

I appreciate thoughtful critiques of the content we publish here at Thermidor. Thus, I am happy to post this interesting letter we received in response to Thermidor contributor Elena Russo's piece "Feminism's Destructive War On Society." I've decided not to write a full response to it and instead leave the discussion for the combox. To the Editor, I have some feedback on Elena Russo's piece, "Feminism's Destructive War On Society." This piece contains a detailed and accurate criticism of feminis

Lone Crusader: A Review

One encouraging, relatively recent development on the Right has been an increasing interest in the arts. Though there's still a journey of a thousand miles ahead of us on the way to being particularly cultured as a group, we have at least taken the first steps, and over the past year and a half or so it's become more common for blogs to feature art and literature, and for people to ask about recommended reading. Part of this may be a reaction to constantly telling Leftist Harry Potter fans to "R

From Moral Blackmail To Political Conquest

The 2016 horror show of a Presidential campaign is history. And the terrifying specter of a Hillary Clinton, Peronist-style presidency? Miracles sometimes happen, but in 2020 look for the Democrats to anoint a demagogue even slimier than the Lady Brezhnev of Chappaqua (there will be someone), one whose entire campaign will be premised on "white guilt." This racial Bolshevism all began decades ago, maybe longer, with a “camel’s nose under the tent” subterfuge by the left that over time would lev

A Sober Look at Syrian Regime Change

With recent developments in Syria, the conversation now once again turns to regime change. While President Trump has in the past expressed distaste for it, neocons and neoliberals alike have been incessant in their advocacy, and now their cries rise once again to the forefront of American political discourse. Hillary Clinton demands a no fly zone (the same cudgel with which she struck down Muammar Gadhafi) and McCain and Graham ask for a ground invasion to support those they would depict as hero

Myths of the 21st Century

Prior to the American missile strike in Syria, Star Wars: Rogue One (A Jihad Story) was playing in the press cabin of Air Force One. The Metro UK article does not make it clear if the President was actually watching the movie. However, the power of popular culture over the political sphere is immense. Thermidor editor PT Carlo previously wrote on the pro-Jihadi subtext of the latest Star Wars entry, noting: "Rogue One is mostly a vehicle for Neoconservative propaganda which preaches the necessi

Against Realism

The future belongs to those bold enough to dream. Undoubtedly, some of you are shaking your heads at this platitude. You've probably heard some liberal say it, and that's partly why you're so skeptical. The real reason is probably something else; the brain chemistry that lends itself to conservative and right-wing beliefs is innately... conservative. It is skeptical of radical change and it has an instinctive fear of the unknown. There is probably good reason for this, I'm sure. It's not hard to

Chickens Come Home To Roost In Sweden

The Bible says the wages of sin is death. Sweden is guilty of the gravest of all sins; Pride. And today, for the first time, the whole nation was made to pay. I first learned about what had happened in Stockholm by accident, around 4 PM; I was out on a date, enjoying one of the first days of great spring weather in the park. A father walked by with his daughter (she was perhaps 4 years old). I overheard him explaining to her—in that cold, sociopathic manner only a Scandinavian is capable of—that