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Debate me Ross Douthat

I mean why not? What do you really have to lose Ross? It would be an easy checkmark in your win column while also demonstrating your commitment to suppressing Right Wing threats to the Liberal order. I mean you're a Harvard-educated overmensch, a member of this nation's media elite who are selected based solely on their ability to produce the hottest and most insightful takes. Thus dealing with a provincial autodidact simpleton like myself should be child's play for someone of your cognitive abi

Against the Trad-THOTs

The rise of Trump, his presidency and Brexit have opened the mainstream culture and the masses up to ideas that were long on the fringe. No doubt this has been beneficial in achieving recognition and validation for our traditional views, but it has also opened up a market ripe for exploitation. The alt-right and the reactionary circles this movement has grown out of have struggled for years to get recognition, and when Trump appeared he offered the chance to do that. Whether you consider him to

Trouble in the European Diaspora

Recently here at Thermidor, we've hosted several fascinating pieces by Titus Cinninatus concerning the reality of Post-National models for European Identity. While he makes many excellent points, I do have some qualms with his ideas—which admittedly haven't been laid out in full detail yet though the basic outline is generally clear. While Titus is correct that the nation-state model being defended by most of the New Right-Wing Nationalism sweeping the globe is dying. If for no other reason tha

Thermidor Hatemail Vol.1

So recently I received my first legitimate piece of hatemail in Thermidor's inbox. Not a twitter attack, or a rant in the combox (we've already had plenty of those.) No, this person took the time to write me a 500-word email about how dumb I am. This is great! This is a major milestone in the life of our little site, we're gonna make it after all! I thoroughly enjoyed reading my new friend Alan Zivodar's thoughtful "critique" of my work. The fact that English obviously isn't his first language o

Relativism, Obligations & Values

When speaking of relativism in the realm of Modern values, the argument on the part of the right has been an ill-conceived opposition, but for good reasons. ‘Cultural relativism’ has been used as a tool by Cultural Marxists at home, while these very same people have utterly rejected it abroad (in select cases of course). I want to first describe how Liberals use relativism in a selective and insincere way, followed by a primer on the true place of relativism in a Traditional outlook. To illustra

Against The Trad Dads

A spectre is haunting the Right: the spectre of the Trad Dad. He lurks in the pages of conservative editorial rags, constantly upbraiding his charges for not dropping everything and getting married, moving to the suburbs and spawning 2.1 children (thus ensuring an acceptable replacement rate that would aid the American welfare state in perpetuating its existence.) If we are to take the rhetoric of the Trad Dads at face value, it would seem as though there is no problem for which bourgeois marria

Nostalgia Delenda Est

“You can't go home again.” -Thomas Wolfe To look back on the past and engage in self reflection is something we all must do--with the aim of using that introspection to form a vision of the future. One can look up Gothic cathedrals and Baroque paintings and admire their aesthetic feats. But we cannot go back to that time. No amount of intellectual Dungeons and Dragons will change that the contemporary US is shaped by post modernity; this means that no matter how "trad" someone wishes to pres

Science As Mythos In The Age Of Digitality.

In our hyper digital and “connected” age, millennials are increasingly singing the laments of their forgone childhoods in the 90s. Rather, that little voice of the soul inside of them is screaming out, warning them of the moral and spiritual dangers of the modern world that they so wish to repress and ignore. Spiritual materialism prevents them from heeding such warnings, therefore millennials are caught between a future they instinctively know is heading in a wrong direction, but do not have th