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A Most Christian Country

Looking from the outside, Hungary is the type of country America should aspire to be. The country’s leader, Viktor Orban, is unflinching in his support for a Christian Europe. Writing with horror dripping from their pens, Reuters reporters noted that Orban said on Monday, “The main task of the new government will be to preserve Hungary’s security and Christian culture.” Such are the words of a far-right “bigot” in 2018. In almost every mainstream news outlet, Orban is characterized as a “strong

On Retirement

In many ways, its been a rather short 17 months since I started Thermidor, in other ways it feels like it was a thousand centuries ago. A lot has changed, not only in our society but in my personal life as well. Looking back, I'm really quite happy with and proud of what we accomplished with Thermidor, it was intellectually rewarding and also a lot of fun. More importantly, it allowed me to meet some really interesting and great people, people I otherwise never would have. But, when I am being

Inciting the Incels

You and I both knew it would happen. The Toronto van attack, which took place on Tuesday and killed ten, is already being used to bludgeon the “far-right” into submission. The suburban gangsters at Mic gave the “incels” their day by writing up a full article about how sex-less men are using the manosphere to justify their murder of innocents. Author Jack Smith IV (a thoroughly patrician name, mind you,) wasted no time in defining the incel clan as “those who feel that they’ve been cheated out of

To Liberate From Urbanite Smarm

Let's commit a heresy together. C'mon, it will be fun. Are you ready? Here it goes... New York City is overrated. In fact, New York City sucks. One would be hard-pressed to find a more soulless, globohomo place than the "Big Apple." The very sidewalks reek of careerist and barren women, effeminate, slump-shouldered men, and whining anti-American types who treat our once verdant shores as a monstrous piggy bank. Nerts to all of them! Now, to be fair, New York post-1990 has long been defamed by

The Failure of "Why Liberalism Failed"

The very title of Patrick Deneen’s new book, Why Liberalism Failed requires correction. For liberalism did not fail, it is not failing, and, barring some great inconceivable upheaval, will not fail anytime in the near future. While it’s comforting that scholars are turning their sights to the major problems of liberalism—Deneen’s book sparked informative responses from Adrian Vermeule and David D. Corey over at American Affairs—the book ultimately fails as an indictment of the liberal regime,

Metternich and His Secret Police

This is a belated response to a comment exchange between The Hapsburg Restorationist and Metternichian Theory that took place a few weeks ago, and republished as a standalone post. THR quotes Kuehnelt-Leddihn on Metternich's regime learning too much from the enemy (the Jacobins) and assuming a leftist character in its Polizeistaat nature. I don't think that was the problem with it, however. First, we have to talk about the nature of the Holy Alliance and the concert system that the Metternichian

The Cuck is Vanquished (Again)

You should never kick a man when he is down, but Kevin D. Williamson does not meet my definition of a “man.” To hell with him. Now before commencing the slaughter, it should be stated that Williamson, the former grand poobah of pretension at the irrelevant National Review, takes a very hard line on abortion. Indeed, Williamson’s support for legally executing abortion doctors and the mothers who agree to have their children mutilated is the reason why The Atlantic fired him not too long after hi

Two Visions of National Sovereignty: English and Frankish

The Prussian conservative Hans Hugo von Kleist-Retzow once said that a nation without class divisions is but a mere horde, "like the Huns." Echoing the same sensibility earlier, the royalist Armand Francois d'Allonville (1764-1853) strongly rebuked the promotion of constitutionalist ideas among the right-reformist monarchien faction led by the Baron Malouet: "You are a very wicked man in saying that you must choose between one and two chambers, and in not voting for the three orders." The idea o