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Trump, Jesus and the Evangelicals

There exists a novel explanation for why evangelicals support Donald Trump, one that is overlooked by the political and media establishment because of its radical – and threatening – nature. The president goes with his gut, what he feels is true. Which has the effect of upending the political order, a system of rules, conventions and temporal power that favors cognition and language over transcendent authority; that naturally prefers the secular and explicable to enigmatic faith. Jesus invert

Sallust and the Value of Classical History

When sorting through works from the Classical world, we can place most of them into three broad categories of history, philosophy, and literature. The value of the latter two are plain enough; early philosophers raised questions of eternal relevance and laid the foundation for those who came later, and for the poets and dramatists, true beauty is timeless. What, though, of history? After all, history's primary purpose is to tell us "what happened," and we can usually get this more easily from mo

Peaceful Islam Exists (Just Somewhere Else)

Modern man worships science more than he worships God. This, however, does not stop the modern man from believing in magic, albeit a magic devoid of anything greater than blind hope. Take for instance the obedience to democracy. For the neoconservative, democracy is the great pill that every nation most swallow, even if such a prescription comes from a doctor bearing an M-16. For the social democrat, democracy is the great leveler of all hierarchies and “systems,” especially if those systems are

Liberalism's Enemies Within

“Stalin’s dictatorship, too would be expected to foster ‘a permanent condition of stress by creating enemies at home and abroad and/or by imposing upon the population gigantic tasks that would be unlikely to be carried out in the absence of the dictatorship’ as well as, ‘a charismatic image of the dictator,’ ‘a utopian goal, carefully kept in a remote future’ and ‘proscription of any deviating values, supported by threats and acts of repression.’” (From Stephen Kotkin, Stalin: Waiting for Hitle

Giving the Greens the Blues

Nobody was surprised. In fact, one of my favorite authors even made a Twitter poll about the matter before the final whistle blew. Philadelphia’s fans went into riot mode when their Eagles defeated the New England Patriots last night. The final score of the Super Bowl was 41 to 33. The citizens of Philadelphia responded by producing far more impressive numbers: over ten thousand sports ball enthusiasts took to the streets and caused possibly over a million dollars in damages. Despite the fact t

Czechoslovak Lobby in America

Brett Stevens' favorite lamenting of "trace admixture", especially his recent and as usual quite formulaic reminder How Irish Immigration Destroyed America got me thinking about other less-than-Nordic immigrants offered as explanations for America's identity crisis, and there's one that deserves more opprobrium than the micks: the goddamned Czechs. Bohemia actually seems to just fit right at the outermost western boundary of the Hajnal line, so the "shared Nordic-Germanic root" may/may not have

Let’s Scare the Oligarchs to Death

“With the rebellion of 1934, the Left lost every shred of moral authority to condemn the rebellion of 1936.” --Salvador de Madariaga “Let us not deceive ourselves, a country can live under a monarchy or a republic, with a parliamentary or a presidential system, under communism or fascism. But it cannot live in anarchy.” —Gil Robles These two men, representing the left and right, both agreed on the same principle: the Second Spanish Republic was a nightmare that deserved to be redone or gutted

Reflections On A Year of Thermidor, And The Road Ahead

A Year In Review A little over a year ago I started Thermidor Magazine, with a vague plan and a few friends and no idea whether or not we'd be able to get past the first month without everything crashing and burning. Yet somehow, in spite of many missteps (most of them mine) Thermidor has managed to vastly exceed my, and anyone else's, expectations. Since we started we've published hundreds of pieces on a vast array of topics by some of the best and most interesting writers on the Right. Content