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Episode 7: The Bannoning

P.T. Carlo and Mark Citadel discuss our friend in the White House, Steve Bannon and his worldview.

Socon Signaling

There are few constants in this short life, but among them are death, taxes and mainstream conservatives vainly signaling to their Liberal peers (betters?) that they too are good boys who are in no way a “racist” or a “Nazi.” There are many examples of this, which occur primarily among (but certainly aren’t limited to) conservative media types who work at Liberal publications. Social Cons, i.e. people like Michael Brendan Dougherty, Ross Douthat, and Rod Dreher, in particular, seem to have an af

Arguing With Libertarians

Many of us, including myself, moved through libertarianism on our way to the alt-right. It is one of our best-recruiting grounds; filled with free-thinkers who already realize that something is terribly wrong with the way our society is run, but still believing the democratic principle of “limited government” and seeing concentrated power as the main evil to be avoided. Most writing in this space promote the ethos of reaction and unified government instead of engaging directly with their policy

Alcohol, Not Lactose, Defines White People

Forgive me in advance for the paucity of sources cited. Husband is watching the children so I can write. There is an interesting post making the rounds positing lactose tolerance as a proxy for whiteness. I don't dispute the thesis, it's interesting. But I would like to proffer a different kind of metabolic process that I think offers more spiritual implications, and that's alcohol consumption. If you're pressed to think of a unifying characteristic of Europeans that isn't cultural, it's not the

Episode 6: Chinese Democracy

P.T. Carlo and Lue-Yee discuss the politics and history of China in a rather unwieldy but extremely fun podcast.

Episode 5: Berkeley And Everything After

In which P.T. Carlo and Christine Marat discuss the riot at Berkeley and the implications for the Right going forward.

Enemies and Strangers

There seems to be a newfound fervor among stalwart opponents of traditional Christian religion for the Bible's teachings on treating the stranger with dignity and respect. 'Tis less a religious revival than a base opportunism which leads them to search the Scriptures, but so be it! God can turn even base incentives to his own purposes. There is no controversy over the fact that Christ enjoins his followers to show hospitality and kindness to outsiders. The parable of the Good Samaritan demonstr

Thermidor Original Video: The Crazy Ones