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Episode 10: New Sincerity

P.T. Carlo and Samuel J Stevens sit down to discuss the state of contemporary literature, the future of publishing and lessons from military history

For the Critics of Katie Hopkins, Ignorance Is Strength

Yesterday English newspaper columnist Katie Hopkins made the mistake of telling the truth, and what is worse, she did it on live television. For this unspeakable crime, Hopkins has been assailed from all corners with children’s book author and newfound geopolitical analyst, and amateur historian J.K. Rowling comparing her to a “Nazi Appeaser.” Hopkins’ crime was stating the obvious; namely that despite the trite happy talk coming out of Westminster about the U.K. being “uncowed” and “united” the

For George Washington, Against Shaun King

It was only a matter of time before the politics of resentment trained its sniveling eye on America’s aristocratic Presidents. Shaun King, the racially ambiguous New York Daily News writer, recently wrote an essay inelegantly titled, "No President Who Ever Owned Human Beings Should Be Honored." Thus taking a fringe position of the far left into the mainstream press. Ideologically disarmed, establishment conservatives will prove ill-equipped to the crucial task of defending America’s aristocrati

Aristotle's Poetics: A Review

Much of the process of moving politically Rightward consists in correcting the inadequacies of one's education. This process is most obvious in things like history or politics, but is certainly present in the arts, as well. Though a handful of books from the Western canon are still commonly covered in school, like The Odyssey or some of Shakespeare's work, most curricula, even at the university level, fall far short of a comprehensive treatment. I majored in literature in college, and even aside

Tradition: A Call To Bear The Unspeakable Burden

Right dissidents speak of Tradition piningly as if they’d willingly step through a time vortex to return to a harmonious pastoral society free from the omnipresent enculturating mass media that presently dictates proper smutty and narcissistic etiquette. While we’d naturally find the limited technological tools frustrating, and more so the lack of literature, I believe the average right winger’s soul might find traditional values a tad intolerable. For the modern man’s soul is bred on a steady

Wilders Has The Whip Hand

The AFP’s headline read: “European relief as Dutch snub ‘siren song’ of the far right.” The EU Commission in Brussels asserted that the Dutch general election results are a “Vote for Europe, a vote against extremists.” Prime Minster Marc Rutte declared that the Dutch had voted down the “wrong kind of populism.” Media watchers all declared that Rutte had “won the election.” Rutte’s Liberal Party won by losing eight seats while his coalition partner, the Labour Party, suffered a historic loss of 2

Episode 9: #Contentmindset

P.T. Carlo sits down with Kantbot to discuss Frogtwitter, the legacy of the Enlightenment, Traditionalism and the content mindset.

Episode 8: The White Death

P.T. Carlo and Nathan Duffy discuss the causes and consequences of the Heroin Epidemic in the United States, the role of technology as well as briefly digressing to make fun of Rod Dreher and his Liberal opponents.