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In Praise of the Safari

Ashurbanipal was king of the New Assyrian Empire from 668 BC to 626 BC, placing him about 600 years after the events depicted in Homer’s Iliad and about 300 years before the conquests of Alexander. The interested reader could look into the king at profit, though for our purposes we will focus on a particular art history aspect of the great leader: the lion hunt reliefs excavated at Nineveh, currently preserved at the British Museum. The reliefs are an absolute masterwork, depicting in a surprisi

Let It All Burn: Porn In America

There has been no greater plague on the Millennial generation than the easy access to pornography. Porn rots your brain. This is not just neo-puritan talk; scientists like Dr. William Struthers, a psychology professor at Wheaton College in Illinois, believes that high consumption of online pornography correlates to increased chances of infidelity, increased chances of engaging in dangerous sexual behavior, and increased likelihood of equating sex with violence 1. Even worse, porn-addled brains

The Transition from Prussian Conservatism to German Nationalism

Yesterday's geopolitical exigencies are today's sacred national traditions, and anyone who touches them is committing cultural genocide. So they say. The Junkers of their day were debating all the hot issues then in vogue. These included such riveting questions as whether their descendants (i.e. you) would be subjects of composite dynastic states that emerged as results of centuries of succession conflicts, appanages, condominiums, purchases, partible inheritances and other obscure devices from

The Center Cannot Hold: On The Decline Of Jordan B Peterson

“All men by nature desire to know,” Aristotle famously claimed. I am not sure I believe this maxim, but how else does one explain the sycophantic energy that ignites and maintains so many internet intellectuals. This category of intellectual celebrities is generous; it can include people like Noam Chomsky, Sam Harris, or Slavoj Žižek—anyone who, for better or worse, is revered as a thought leader on the world wide web. Those who remember Christopher Hitchens may recall the mawkishness with whic

Identity Politics: Where Compasion meets Criminality

Make me, make me your victim Resistance is only a symptom... Of bigotry I am so guilty, so... Make me your victim. Make me, make me your victim We need Hillary Clinton… She knew the score, Reparations and more, so... Make me your victim (Parody of Barbara Lewis, “Make Me your Baby”, 1965) Extortion is, by definition, the practice of obtaining something of value, such as money, from a person by the use of force or threats. Let us begin with extortion in its crudest, most elemental form: a

Out of the Vales of Har: Towards A Future Beyond Nostalgia

The recent off-year elections in the United States were a sobering development to those who had spent 2017 still giddy from the results of elections in 2016. The stakes were relatively small: the governorships and state legislatures of New Jersey and Virginia; the mayorships of New York City, Helena, Montana, and a few other notable metropolises; bond elections and referendums in a smattering of states. And yet the end results were seized on by certain swaths of the American left, particularly

Filth and the Final Judgment

Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving. I spent mine listening to speeches told by strangers in a certain megalopolis known for its gross progressivism. One aged man, who has lived in the city his whole life and who has worked in publishing on and off since the 1980s, talked about how the bourgeoisie continue to try and label all “anti-fascists” as communists. I chortled because of the gross consumerism of his home and children and the sharp contrast between his Marxist language and his decidedly

Weinstein And The Fall of the House of Clinton

Three days after Hillary Clinton’s shocking defeat in the 2016 Presidential election the leftie, trend-setting Vanity Fair headlined with The Fall of the House of Clinton. The sub-title of the article is worth parsing: How a Political Dynasty Lost its Way. That the Clintons are (or were) a political dynasty is no exaggeration. From the article: “With the exception of 2014, when Hillary Clinton was already plotting her second presidential campaign, at least one of the Clintons, Bill or Hillary, h