Kaite McHugh and the Cucking of Breitbart

Breitbart has, for at least the past few years, been viewed as the ultimate Right-Wing media boogeyman in the hive-mind of coastal Liberals. With the recent firing of Breitbart reporter Katie McHugh for what were transparently tame comments, any such understanding of Breitbart as a formidable Right-Wing Media outlet should be promptly dispensed with. The truth is that, with the firing of McHugh, they have sacrificed one of their last remaining interesting voices in exchange for "respectability." A respectability which in the eyes of Liberals they will never acquire anyways.

Calling such an arraignment "Faustian" would be grossly inappropriate, however, as it would lend it an air of dignity and seriousness which it simply doesn't warrant. In truth, Breitbart was little more than a highly successful e-tabloid and the fact that during the years 2015-16 it was engaged in the Lord's work of helping to elect Trump doesn't change this fact.

There is, of course, plenty of room for a potent Right Wing tabloid in the American Media ecosystem, but Breitbart was hobbled in its quest from the start by two particular Ideological stumbling blocks. The first was its dedication to a naive libertarian ideology. This tendency was lessened by the arrival of Steven Bannon but it nevertheless prevented Breitbart from ever entering the realm of seriousness on domestic policy.

The second issue was, of course, its mindless dedication to promoting and defending Zionism. There are several problems with this approach, the most notable being its tendency to attract certain, shall we say, "unsavory" characters. This type tend to skew "free trade at home, Protectionist abroad" toward primarily Israeli interests being the thing that's protected. Former Breitbarter Ben Shapiro and the Washington Free Beacon's Matthew Continetti are two of the most exquisite specimens of this particular species of Bugman.

Furthermore, leaving aside the flys which inevitably find themselves buzzing around the shitty ideology of Likud tier Zionism, the idea that by employing such rhetoric one can immunize oneself against charges of anti-Semitism is worse than naive. It is, in fact, a laughable suggestion. Even more pathetic are the race-obsessed alt-righters who seem to have convinced themselves that if they just speak nicely enough about the Israeli Apartheid/Ethnostate that perhaps one day their "friends" in Tel Aviv will grant them a dispensation for their very own Apartheid/Ethnostate somewhere in the mountains of central Idaho.

Regardless of the fantasies those ostensibly on "the Right" have allowed themselves to indulge, the truth remains that the only meaningful and serious position the United States (and the vast majority of Christendom) can and should hold regarding the Apartheid State of Israel is one of aggressive neutrality, with special concern given only for the interests of Middle Eastern Christians.

Getting back to the issue at hand, namely Breitbart's firing of McHugh, the most remarkable thing about it was McHugh herself. What distinguished McHugh from her colleagues at Breitbart was her passion, a passion which frequently was more akin to hatred than anything else. McHugh's hatred for Liberals was in no way veiled, and it was a hatred which extended down to the personal level as well.

Now some people (even some serious people) would be critical of such passionate enmity, writing it off as merely a manifestation of "resentment politics." A politics they seek to exchange for a stoic vision of "divine tranquility" (here let the reader understand.) Yet all too often this approach results in a pathetic cult of "respectability" and in the mass production of legions of spiritual cripples, moral imbeciles, and intellectual slobs. We have a name for this disease: Douthatism.

The impressive energy with which McHugh disdains her foes is remarkable for a Right-Wing journalist and only for a Right-Wing Journalist. As such hatred of one's foes is merely par for the course amongst those employed by Liberal media outlets who tend to view their foes as little more than subhuman scum.

As long as Right Wing media refuses to follow people like McHugh's lead and take the fight to the enemy, and instead spends its time and energy seeking the approval and friendship of people who despise it and everything it believes in, it will keep losing the battle for cultural supremacy.

Whatever genuine will and energy that remains on the Right should be spent on extinguishing, by whatever means available, the fetid and diseased models of conservative thought and practice which have hereto prevented meaningful resistance to Liberalism from coalescing. And then building robust parallel institutions in their place. Institutions whose primary aim is seeking the destruction of their enemies, not their approval.

Editor's Note: Please join Thermidor in supporting Katie McHugh in her post-Breitbart endeavors.*