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Samuel Stevens

American fiction writer

Corporeality at LD50

London-based art gallery LD50 debuted an art show May 1st, created by Twitter commentator Kantbot, Youtube artist TV Amerikwa, Logo Daedulus, Menaquinone4, Nick P, and 95364421130. The gallery is an interactive, performance exhibit where viewers print "offensive" tweets and other content, and then destroy them, per the instructions of fictional start-up Kwaly. Viewers play the role of the employee of the "corporation." Kwaly is a hypothetical corporation that operates on behalf social media com

Nostalgia Delenda Est

“You can't go home again.” -Thomas Wolfe To look back on the past and engage in self reflection is something we all must do--with the aim of using that introspection to form a vision of the future. One can look up Gothic cathedrals and Baroque paintings and admire their aesthetic feats. But we cannot go back to that time. No amount of intellectual Dungeons and Dragons will change that the contemporary US is shaped by post modernity; this means that no matter how "trad" someone wishes to pres

Myths of the 21st Century

Prior to the American missile strike in Syria, Star Wars: Rogue One (A Jihad Story) was playing in the press cabin of Air Force One. The Metro UK article does not make it clear if the President was actually watching the movie. However, the power of popular culture over the political sphere is immense. Thermidor editor PT Carlo previously wrote on the pro-Jihadi subtext of the latest Star Wars entry, noting: "Rogue One is mostly a vehicle for Neoconservative propaganda which preaches the necessi

The Aesthetic Of The Counterrevolution

The “culture war” of Conservatism, Inc., has been an unmitigated failure. Attempts by the anti-abortion or anti-gay “rights” groups, however well intentioned, are a symbolic gesture. The battle was lost on those issues long ago. Legislation will not shift the culture, much less American morality. Andrew Breitbart’s quote, “Politics are downstream from culture,” appears often in conservative or far right publications on the Internet, yet it is unclear if anyone in this spectrum really understands

From The Ashes Of Postmodernism, A New Sincerity?

The last few years may be, in the minds of later historians, the peak of the postmodern worldview. Postmodernism’s chief tools are irony, metafiction, and word games; to paraphrase David Foster Wallace (himself a postmodern writer) the basic premise is that we are reading a text, the text itself is aware it is a fictional story, and by extension the real world is a text we, or some authority, can manipulate. Kurt Vonnegut’s work provides a wealth of examples, particularly his narration in Slaugh