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Richard Carroll

Southerner, Catholic, monarchist, and bibliophile.

Lone Crusader: A Review

One encouraging, relatively recent development on the Right has been an increasing interest in the arts. Though there's still a journey of a thousand miles ahead of us on the way to being particularly cultured as a group, we have at least taken the first steps, and over the past year and a half or so it's become more common for blogs to feature art and literature, and for people to ask about recommended reading. Part of this may be a reaction to constantly telling Leftist Harry Potter fans to "R

Aristotle's Poetics: A Review

Much of the process of moving politically Rightward consists in correcting the inadequacies of one's education. This process is most obvious in things like history or politics, but is certainly present in the arts, as well. Though a handful of books from the Western canon are still commonly covered in school, like The Odyssey or some of Shakespeare's work, most curricula, even at the university level, fall far short of a comprehensive treatment. I majored in literature in college, and even aside

Chesterton And The Man Who Was Thursday

What's there to say about G. K. Chesterton? He's a contender for the most-quoted man on the Right; spend some time in any broadly Right-wing community, Conservative, Reactionary, or even just moderate Christian, and it won't be long before someone quotes one of his famous aphorisms or anecdotes. Though not a particularly rigorous thinker, and a bit light for those used to reading the Joseph de Maistres and Julius Evolas of the world, he's among the best authors who've written primarily for popul