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Trouble in the European Diaspora

Recently here at Thermidor, we've hosted several fascinating pieces by Titus Cinninatus concerning the reality of Post-National models for European Identity. While he makes many excellent points, I do have some qualms with his ideas—which admittedly haven't been laid out in full detail yet though the basic outline is generally clear. While Titus is correct that the nation-state model being defended by most of the New Right-Wing Nationalism sweeping the globe is dying. If for no other reason tha

Thermidor Hatemail Vol.1

So recently I received my first legitimate piece of hatemail in Thermidor's inbox. Not a twitter attack, or a rant in the combox (we've already had plenty of those.) No, this person took the time to write me a 500-word email about how dumb I am. This is great! This is a major milestone in the life of our little site, we're gonna make it after all! I thoroughly enjoyed reading my new friend Alan Zivodar's thoughtful "critique" of my work. The fact that English obviously isn't his first language o

Episode 15: Geopolitical Rundown With Adam Garrie

P.T. Carlo sits down with Adam Garrie from The Duran to discuss Trump's foreign policy 180, Syrian safe zones, Russia, Erdogan's ambitions, Pan-Arab Nationalism and more. Download this episode here

Against The Trad Dads

A spectre is haunting the Right: the spectre of the Trad Dad. He lurks in the pages of conservative editorial rags, constantly upbraiding his charges for not dropping everything and getting married, moving to the suburbs and spawning 2.1 children (thus ensuring an acceptable replacement rate that would aid the American welfare state in perpetuating its existence.) If we are to take the rhetoric of the Trad Dads at face value, it would seem as though there is no problem for which bourgeois marria

Political Violence And The Superfluous Man

Political violence is rapidly replacing sportsball as America's favorite mass spectacle. Who wants to watch the Marlins play the Yankees when they can watch the SoCal antifa fight the "Proud boys"? I sure as hell know which one I'm going to be watching. But beyond the visceral thrill of streetfighting, there is a deeper appeal to the violence (which as of right now, is still very much in its infancy.) Put simply, as a certain postal service enthusiast and cabin dweller once said: The Industria

Letter to the Editor

I appreciate thoughtful critiques of the content we publish here at Thermidor. Thus, I am happy to post this interesting letter we received in response to Thermidor contributor Elena Russo's piece "Feminism's Destructive War On Society." I've decided not to write a full response to it and instead leave the discussion for the combox. To the Editor, I have some feedback on Elena Russo's piece, "Feminism's Destructive War On Society." This piece contains a detailed and accurate criticism of feminis

Episode 14: The Battle of France

P.T. Carlo and Mark Citadel sit down and chat about the french election results as well as the current state of french society, the importance of Right Wing cities and the prospects for "Road War."

The Top 10 Most Loathsome Neocon Bugmen

The earth has become a small place and on it hops the bugman. The bugman is drawn to the levers of power like the cockroach is drawn to the noxious odors of the garbage can, this compulsion is a part of their innermost nature. So around these levers, they gather, waiting for their "chance" to release their egg sack of bad and perverse ideas into the bloodstream of public consciousness. There are many different kinds of Bugman. There is the Media Bugman (Chris Hayes, Matt Yglesias, Dylan Matthews