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Michael Brendan Dougherty, Ariana Grande And The Sickness Called "Freedom"

After every attack by Islamic Terrorists on a target in the Western world, an inevitable deluge of commentary emerges which urges both solidarity with the victims as well as a robust defense of any symbols which may have also been attacked. You can now add Michael Brendan Dougherty’s recent piece at National Review to this ever-burgeoning genre. Yet Dougherty’s article is far from formulaic and ends up raising profound questions, perhaps inadvertently, about the nature of the very West many clai

Episode 18: The Conservatard Media Empire

P.T. Carlo and Kevin Michael Grace discuss contemporary state of conservative media as well as its potential future. Or listen via Mp3 here

Episode 17: The Ironycel Blues

P.T. Carlo. Logo Daedelus and Kantbot sit down to talk about the recent Ironycel Controversy as well as other, more obscure, topics. Or listen to the Mp3 here

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Alright so we finally did it, we caved and got a Patreon. 5 months ago I started this site as an experiment, having no idea whether it would succeed or be a total flop. Needless to say Thermidor's progress, thanks to the hard work and creativity of our scribblers, has wildly exceeded my expectations. We are now officially past the "proof of concept phase." Hence Patreon. None of us are doing this for the money, but it would be nice to not only have the funds to pay for hosting but also be able t

The Brazilification of the West

One of the constant refrains heard after every act of Wahhabist terrorism in the West is the sentiment that while we must mourn the victims we also should carry on about our business, as usual, otherwise the "terrorists win." This idea has a long pedigree and can be found as far back as George W. Bush's admonishment to the American people after the 9/11 attacks that the best way to fight back against terrorism was to go about their normal lives and "head down to Disney world.” The premise behind

Episode 16: Against the Trad Dads

P.T. Carlo sits down with eternal Trad Dad, Nick B Steves, to discuss the economic and social difficulties of family formation and patriarchy in the modern West.

Debate me Ross Douthat

I mean why not? What do you really have to lose Ross? It would be an easy checkmark in your win column while also demonstrating your commitment to suppressing Right Wing threats to the Liberal order. I mean you're a Harvard-educated overmensch, a member of this nation's media elite who are selected based solely on their ability to produce the hottest and most insightful takes. Thus dealing with a provincial autodidact simpleton like myself should be child's play for someone of your cognitive abi

Douthat's Gambit

Illustrious Conservative New York Times thinkfluencer and friend of Thermidor Ross Douthat is certainly no stranger to bad ideas. He spent most of 2016 ripping off hot takes so bad they had to be compiled and documented in article form. Recently he's been on a column writing spree whose theme seems to have been "wacky and impractical ideas to save the republic with." And which consist mostly of, you guessed it, bold and audacious plans for new tax credits. However, Douthat's most recent column