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P.T. Carlo

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Episode 10: New Sincerity

P.T. Carlo and Samuel J Stevens sit down to discuss the state of contemporary literature, the future of publishing and lessons from military history

For the Critics of Katie Hopkins, Ignorance Is Strength

Yesterday English newspaper columnist Katie Hopkins made the mistake of telling the truth, and what is worse, she did it on live television. For this unspeakable crime, Hopkins has been assailed from all corners with children’s book author and newfound geopolitical analyst, and amateur historian J.K. Rowling comparing her to a “Nazi Appeaser.” Hopkins’ crime was stating the obvious; namely that despite the trite happy talk coming out of Westminster about the U.K. being “uncowed” and “united” the

Michael Brendan Dougherty's Paleocon Blues

Over at The Week, our friend Michael Brendan Dougherty isn't feeling very optimistic about the chances for Trump's domestic agenda or for those of Europe's Nationalist Right-Wing. As Dougherty sees it, the Neoliberal Internationale's inner defenses have now been fully activated, with their army of hacks, sycophants, and timeservers now running interference against Trump's attempts at domestic reform: President Trump and other populist nationalists are finding out that victory doesn't mean car

Steve King's Incoherent Blasphemy

It appears that Congressman Steve King has recently become the latest heretic to be officially excommunicated by our pious progressive media. His crime was uttering the, unspeakable blasphemy that: "Wilders understands that culture and demographics are our destiny. We can't restore our civilization with somebody else's babies." Chris Hayes, MSNBC's resident hermaphrodite, spoke for the entire Liberal Hivemind when he tweeted: King's retrograde tweet seemed to send shivers down the spine of the

Episode 9: #Contentmindset

P.T. Carlo sits down with Kantbot to discuss Frogtwitter, the legacy of the Enlightenment, Traditionalism and the content mindset.

Episode 8: The White Death

P.T. Carlo and Nathan Duffy discuss the causes and consequences of the Heroin Epidemic in the United States, the role of technology as well as briefly digressing to make fun of Rod Dreher and his Liberal opponents.

Revenge Of The Fetus Men

I've always enjoyed reading responses to the things I've written, especially the shrill and irate ones. Thus I was particularly pleased when my last blog post Jacobin, Frogtwitter and the new avant-garde became such a hit amongst our emaciated class of Ironic Leftists. I was expecting an avalanche of non-sequiturs, ad-hominems and various other forms of mental onanism and that is precisely what I received. Let's go to the tape, shall we? These type of complex sentiments were the overwhelming res

Jacobin, Frogtwitter And The New Avant-Garde

So it appears, so as not to be left out of the wave of Anti-AltRight hysteria, Jacobin Mag (or Jacobin Shit Rag as it is affectionately known) has decided to dedicate an entire issue to debunking this new form of Right-wing "False Consciousness." This new wave of Right Wing enthusiasm is, apparently, an issue of pressing concern for the emaciated adjunct professors and underemployed MFAs who comprise most of Jacobin's pool of literary talent. Who, to their credit, have at least been able to re