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P.T. Carlo

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Episode 28: Spengler In Bloom Part 2

P.T. Carlo sits back down with Walter Devereaux to finish their discussion of Oswald Spengler's life and ideas.

Episode 27: Spengler In Bloom

P.T. Carlo sits down with Walter Devereux to discuss the life and times of the very misunderstood Oswald Spengler

Episode 26: Viva Italia w/ Alessandra Bocchi

P.T. Carlo sits down with Italian journalist Alessandra Bocchi to discuss the results and unpack the fallout of the 2018 Italian election.

Christ, Nothing And The Alt-Right

For the past several years thinkers from all sides of America's Liberal consensus media have attempted to make sense of the phenomenon known as the "Alt-Right." The descriptions and diagnoses provided by these attempted analyses have varied almost as widely as the political spectrum from which the authors themselves hail. For the Dirtbag Left, the Alt-Right is merely a pathetic collection of White, Middle American "Failsons." For Neoliberal journalist Rosie Gray, who has walked the Alt-Right b

Episode 25: An Absurd Man

P.T. Carlo sits down with Ben Sixsmith to discuss Albert Camus, John N. Gray, Peter Hitchens and the general state of English politics among other things.

Reflections On A Year of Thermidor, And The Road Ahead

A Year In Review A little over a year ago I started Thermidor Magazine, with a vague plan and a few friends and no idea whether or not we'd be able to get past the first month without everything crashing and burning. Yet somehow, in spite of many missteps (most of them mine) Thermidor has managed to vastly exceed my, and anyone else's, expectations. Since we started we've published hundreds of pieces on a vast array of topics by some of the best and most interesting writers on the Right. Content

Thermidor Hatemail Vol 2: "You Are Despicable"

Editor's note: this is the full, unredacted text of an email I found in my inbox today. Dear Thermidor Magazine, I am an American Internet user of Irish descent. I stumbled across your site while doing some research on Twitter relating to the Catalan independence movement, which I support with all my heart and soul. I read your incredibly hateful article on Catalonia. I have to say it - you are Nazis. You are fucking imperialist and Islamophobic Nazis and your worldview is just like that of Adol

Episode 24: 2017-A Year In Review

P.T. Carlo sits down with co-editor Nathan Duffy and others to recap the greatest hits of a weird year: Trump's first year, The Harvey Weinstein Scandal and fallout, Boomer Terrorism in Vegas and a lot more.