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Europa Weekly Episode 50: The Art Of Not Being Sorry

During this episode, we talk about many topics: we clarify our position on the American Question, a report on the future of the EU by the Bundeswehr, tensions in the German police force, the truth about the elections in Slovakia, a listener's message about the Czech elections, an acid attack in London and the omnipotence of Putin the Great.

Europa Weekly Episode 49: I'm not Racist mom, i'm just a gamer!

Effortposty episode this week. We take a look at two news items, a poll of favorability in different EU countries and a drive-by shooting in Sweden, before doing a long deconstruction of a recent report produced by the ISD, which you can find here:

Revolution And Pussy: The Sam Kriss Story

"A motto for the young leftist: revolution and pussy." -Nicholas Gomez Davila Ever since the giant flesh bomb of Harvey Weinstein's sexual harassment allegations went off in the middle of downtown Hollywood a specter has begun haunting, not only Hollywood but the entire Left-Liberal establishment itself. It's hard to say what exactly was the actual cause of this tsunami, as the Weinstein allegations, while certainly shocking, were surprising to no one with even the slightest bit of inside knowle

Europa Weekly Episode 47: The Peculiar Case Of Mr. H The Obituarist

A country has the Peter Hitchens it deserves. Just as Mosquitoes can only settle in swamps, Hitchens can only settle in the swamp of a state broadcaster's marketing department.

Episode 23: Generation Identity

P.T. Carlo sits down with journalist Alessandra Bocchi to discuss the similarities and differences between far-right movements in the U.S. and Europe.

Episode 22: The Great Trumplosion

There were no brakes on the Trump Train but it appears it finally ran out of track. P.T. Carlo, Hans Lander and Alex Nicholson discuss.

Episode 21: Disaster in Charlottesville

P.T. Carlo sits down with Kantbot to discuss the disaster in Charlottesville and related issues.

Africa Will Not Save Spengler's West.

The subject of "Africa" is one that is it is almost impossible to breach without the rancid stench of sentimentality choking out the critical faculties of any potential interlocutor. A perfect case in point can be found, unsurprisingly, in one of Ross Douthat's recent columns, "The West and What Come After." Against the backdrop of Trump's speech in Poland, Douthat writes: This nationalist argument comes in racist forms, but it need not be the white nationalism that Trump’s liberal critics rea