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P.T. Carlo


Episode 7: The Bannoning

P.T. Carlo and Mark Citadel discuss our friend in the White House, Steve Bannon and his worldview.

Socon Signaling

There are few constants in this short life, but among them are death, taxes and mainstream conservatives vainly signaling to their Liberal peers (betters?) that they too are good boys who are in no way a “racist” or a “Nazi.” There are many examples of this, which occur primarily among (but certainly aren’t limited to) conservative media types who work at Liberal publications. Social Cons, i.e. people like Michael Brendan Dougherty, Ross Douthat, and Rod Dreher, in particular, seem to have an af

The Submission Of Ross Douthat

Is there a more notable Conservative Wunderkind than Ross Douthat? Douthat, age 36, has been an established presence on the New York Times Op-Ed page since 2009. The only Times columnist to vocally oppose both Abortion and Sodomite “Marriage,” Douthat fills the niche of evil Right-Wing Bogeyman/Piñata nicely for the enlightened readership of the Grey Lady. These stances have earned him much endearment and many accolades amongst the nation’s good natured conservatives who have come to view Doutha

Episode 6: Chinese Democracy

P.T. Carlo and Lue-Yee discuss the politics and history of China in a rather unwieldy but extremely fun podcast.

Deep Identity In The Amerikwan Wasteland

Describing and diagnosing problems is easy, finding solutions to them tends to be much harder. Almost everyone, aside from the die-hard NeoLiberal believer, recognizes the problem in one form or another. Namely, that due to various historical forces which we neither have the time nor the inclination to discuss here, Modern Society in the developed West has advanced (or degenerated) to the point where almost all forms of traditional community and identity have been eliminated. Leaving in their wa

Francis Fukuyama's Dream Of The 90's

The year was 1992, the Cold War officially came to an end, Boyz II Men were topping the charts, and the first McDonald’s restaurant opened its doors in downtown Beijing… it seemed anything was possible. It was an age of optimism; the United States had finally exorcised the demons of Vietnam in a blaze of cathartic butchery along Iraq’s Highway 80 and a young, eloquent sexual predator handily unseated a respected but uninspiring incumbent. As the new President celebrated his inauguration, Fleetwo

Episode 5: Berkeley And Everything After

In which P.T. Carlo and Christine Marat discuss the riot at Berkeley and the implications for the Right going forward.

Saving Private Spielberg: Moral Cowardice And The Modern War Film

War films are, in many ways, the bread and butter of the Hollywood memeplex, as they provide the opportunity for both profit taking and the promotion of Ideology. There are obviously many examples of this, but few of them ever come close to eclipsing the soggy ball of kitsch and sentimentality which was Steven Spielberg's 1998 Blockbuster "Saving Private Ryan." The film managed to be both a critical darling as well as a cash cow for the studios. Much of its dual popularity was due to the, now f