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Nathan Duffy

Nathan is an Orthodox Christian and reactionary. Follow him on Twitter @theillegit.

After The London Attack, More Submission

Islam strikes at the heart of Europe again. It doesn't matter how frequent or how devastating they are, we know this for certain: Islamic terror attacks do not have the power to awaken Europe from its suicidal slumber. Or at least not Europe's elites. The rumblings of a revitalized nativist right-wing are fueled largely by anti-immigration and anti-Islam sentiment among the masses. Responses to the statement 'All immigration from Muslim countries should be halted' in a recent Chatham House surve

Leviathans: Russian and American

There Will be Spoilers The 2014 Russian film Leviathan opens with a series of gray, foreboding landscape shots along the ocean, culminating in a wide angle shot of a house near a bridge on the edge of a body of water. This is the family home of Dima, who has a teenage son and young wife. At the climax of the film, the camera retreats to this identical angle showing the same landscape, except replacing that house in the foreground is a new Orthodox church—its bells ringing out—and parking lot. Th

Laurus' Orthodoxy

“Time is a flat circle.” So says Russ Cohle in True Detective. For him, as for Nietzsche before him, this observation is a nihilistic conclusion about the ultimately meaningless repetitiveness of life. In the novel Laurus by Eugene Vodolazkin, which follows the life of a Russian Holy Fool and healer in the fifteenth century, the main character—who goes by different names at different junctures of life: Arseny, Ustin, Ambrosius, and ultimately Laurus—also declares that time is a circle. Within th

The Manic Left Ascendant

The Left in America is frazzled and in disarray. Trump's shock election and various aspects of his style, cabinet picks, and policy enactment since taking office have sent them into complete panic mode. Many of the fissures in the permanent government that keen observers have long been noting have revealed themselves as a result. The supra-democratic machinations of the Deep State, which once required some active investigation to really have any understanding of, are on the front page of the pap

Cucked like Rod

There's nothing quite so pathetic as serving as oblivious host and apologist for an ideology you're actively hostile to. A classic example of this is the way many virulently anti-Christian atheists subscribe to what amounts to a non-theistic Protestantism. You can see the phenomenon in reverse, as well, in those who claim to be traditional, orthodox Christians and yet accept the anti-Christian, modernist presuppositions of the secular liberal order. Rod Dreher—author, columnist, blogger, and res

Asceticism of the Wagecuck

The human being is a body-soul unity, and there is a hierarchy to this human constitution. When the body rules over the soul, the human is in a state of disorder; when the rational soul rules over the body and its passions, the human is in a healthy state. The Greek word ἄσκησις, meaning training or exercise, came to describe any disciplined practice, whether it be that of an athlete, warrior, or philosopher. In the religious sense it's a means of disciplining the body through deprivation and ph

Reaction in the Prestige Drama

There is a hunger in the human being for the real and the beautiful. Though the reigning Neoliberal order does much to damage this desire, in addition to whatever we contribute ourselves, it is a fundamental constituent of being human. However degraded the tediously shallow and nihilistic hellscape of postmodern American—or rather Anglo—popular culture may be, we can still find evidence of this hunger running like a counter-current to the dominant flow of degeneracy. The appearance and success o

Nature of the Threat: The Rise of Black Resentment Politics

In 1996 the rapper Ras Kass foreshadowed the rise of the current strain of black resentment politics that have come to a head with the Black Lives Matter movement. Back then rap music was arriving at the peak of its commercial success and cultural influence. Most of the industry was quite happy with the cozy relationship that existed between its mostly white fan base, the black artists, and the white and Jewish record executives, as this relationship was working out well for all and none were ea