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Nathan Duffy

Nathan is an Orthodox Christian and reactionary. Follow him on Twitter @theillegit.

Twin Peaks: The Return

Here be S P O I L E R S: Returning after a 25 year hiatus—a span of time explicitly referred to in the season two finale of Twin Peaks—Twin Peaks: The Return has concluded with a finale as audacious and enigmatic as the one we were left with 25 years back. While the finale could be analyzed as a legitimate cinematic unit unto itself, I will use it as the jumping off point for my reflections on the entire new season. The Return presents a collision of worlds. Times have changed. Lynch has evolved

Technological Submission: Nature Conquers Modern Man

It's almost a ubiquitous assumption today that man, especially since the dawn of the Age of Science, is in the steady process of conquering nature. As our technological proficiency expands, nature submits to our whims. Rather than being exposed to nature's harsh elements, we built shelters; rather than succumbing to rampant disease and early death, improvements in sanitation and medicine lengthened our lifespans; instead of being isolated in whichever small corner of the planet we happen to find

CNN, Memes, and Blackmail

The internet is in an uproar over the reprehensible Andrew Kaczynski of CNN extracting a confession of guilt and threatening to dox the anonymous reddit poster who created the meme of Trump beating up a CNN avatar, back in his WWE days: CNN is not publishing "HanA**holeSolo's" name because he is a private citizen who has issued an extensive statement of apology, showed his remorse by saying he has taken down all his offending posts, and because he said he is not going to repeat this ugly behav

American Pride

As 'pride month' comes to a close one thing has become increasingly clear: social conservatives and traditionalists were right, not just about homosexuality, but in correctly identifying the issue as the frontline in the culture war. "What do you care what two consenting adults do in the privacy of their own homes?": what was once (wrongly) seen as a devastating critique of right-wing opposition to homosexuality has become a laughably absurd question on its face. Not only have the courts (again

The Enlightenment Roots of Evergreen College's Frankenstein Monster

In the latest, and perhaps most insane, instance of campus madness, a student group at Evergreen State in Washington held a 'white day of absence' event where whites were not supposed to attend classes (as students or professors). When one professor and Jewish progressive, Bret Weinstein, vocally objected and declined to participate, this triggered an assortment of rabid protests. Student mobs confronted Weinstein and occupied parts of campus, blockading faculty and attempting to intimidate them

Inherent Vice and Virtue

Against the backdrop of sun-drenched coastal California landscapes and the seedy dregs of underworld intrigue, what emerges into the fore of Paul Thomas Anderson's Inherent Vice is a familiar opposition. Driving the action is the dialectic between the Squares and the Subversives, the Straights and the Slackers, the powers-that-be and the refuse on the fringes of society. As a hippy-doper P.I., Doc Sportello (played by Joaquin Phoenix, though Robert Downey Jr. was originally slated for the role)

Ascension & Sovereignty

Today is one of the most downplayed and overlooked major feasts on the liturgical calendar of the Church: the Ascension of Our Lord. Falling between the major feasts commemorating the Resurrection and Pentecost, it has a tendency to be overshadowed. Yet it's of no less significance and has essential themes that we ought not overlook. Thematically the feast of the Ascension acts as a kind of parallel to the two feasts of the Incarnation: the Annunciation and Christmas. In those feasts we celebrat

Debate Me, Dreher

It's the only gentlemanly thing to do, Rod. You've been ably fielding criticisms of the Benedict Option from your left for months, taking on all comers. Meanwhile your engagement with those to your right has been notably minimal, if not entirely non-existent. Indeed, from the policing of your comment section and blocking habits on Twitter, it seems you're inclined to flee the field entirely when faced with criticisms from your right. To be fair, we are a small minority with not much clout in th