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Nathan Duffy

Nathan is an Orthodox Christian and reactionary. Follow him on Twitter @theillegit.

Unsubtle Propaganda: Reviewing "Mother!" and "The Shape of Water"

While Hollywood has fed America a steady diet of liberal and anti-Christian messages for many decades now, as its stranglehold on the popular imagination lessens, and as the nation becomes more polarized—with half of it becoming more self-consciously anti-Hollywood and seeking out niche alternatives for entertainment—its propaganda has in turn become more aggressive and explicit. Two almost comically incandescent examples came this past year in the form of Darren Aronofsky's Mother! and Guillerm

First Things Bombshell Stirs Up Catholic Web

A recent piece at First Things by Fr. Romanus Cessario dredges up the 19th century case of Edgardo Mortara living under the Papal States. Born to a Jewish family, as an infant Edgardo became ill and his nanny secretly baptized him without parental consent (which is not necessary to acquire in cases of near-death emergency, according to canon law). After having recovered from his illness, Pope Pius IX arranged for the child to be removed from his home and raised and educated by the Catholic Churc

Exiled in Place

Another shot has been fired by Adrian Vermeule, that indomitable professor at Harvard Law, in the recent row amongst certain conservative and traditional Catholics on how to deal with the problem of liberalism. Vermeule takes aim at ostensibly traditionally minded Catholics who hold that at least a maintenance of peace with the secular liberal order is possible and desirable. Vermeule, contra our friend Ross Douthat and others, believes that it is not. In this we at Thermidor tend to share Verme

Sola Consensio and Elizabeth Bruenig

In the wake of the proliferating revelations of sexual misconduct, pederasty, and sexual abuse in Hollywood and journalism (politics too, though it's old hat there), many people are asking themselves what it all signifies. For liberals and feminists, the common take is that it's the same old patriarchy, up to its usual tricks, all that is changing is a willingness on behalf of victims to speak up thanks to gains made by feminism in the social realm. The reactionary take is generally that Hollyw

Kevin Spacey and Homosexual Pedophiles

Another day, another big Hollywood celebrity (and another who is friends with the Clintons), has been accused of sexual misconduct—this time against a minor. Kevin Spacey was accused by actor Anthony Rapp of drunkenly attempting to seduce him when he was 14. As with Weinstein's bizarre statement that he released in the wake of allegations of sexual assault against him—wherein he inanely attempted to misdirect attention from his guilt by vowing to go after conservatives—Spacey's statement also co

Harvey's Hollywood

Allegations and revelations continue to roll out surrounding the Harvey Weinstein scandal. Audio of a reptilian Weinstein attempting to seduce a young model against her will was just released. Gwenyth Paltrow accused him of aggressively attempting a pass when she was a young actress, which she refused, and which her then-boyfriend Brad Pitt later confronted him about. Rose McGowan has alleged both that he sexually harassed her and today called out Ben Affleck—who was in the process of denouncing

Augusto Del Noce and Our Crisis

The subject of modernity is a well-worn saw among traditionalists and right-wingers. Modernity is the second greatest villain in the trad panoply of baddies after only Satan himself. And not without reason. Once the periodization scheme of antiquity, medieval, and modernity—with the latter being inaugurated by the Protestant Reformation and Enlightenment—is delineated, it's fairly natural and obvious that it would be seen as the bane of traditionalists. While the broad strokes of the historical

California's Changing Face: On The Effects Of Mass Immigration

Running through the undeveloped lot across the street from my home, a hurled dirt clod crumbles as it strikes my back. After our makeshift war is complete, we stay out until sunset riding bikes and exploring the nearby reservoir. A few days later we visit my grandparents' home on Foothill boulevard—Route 66 that is—across the street from a car repair shop. There are no other buildings for miles. That undeveloped lot across the street from my house in southern California back in the 1980s has s