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Mark Citadel

Dispatches From the Witch Hunt

Through the power of being offended, social justice warriors still smarting from Gamergate have heroically exposed the most evil men on the internet, the general staff of Youtube’s Third Reich ready to take brickbats to the nearest synagogue at the first opportunity. This is serious! It’s happening in your hometown! These notorious individuals are none other than video game commentators; Jon Jafari (also known as Jontron), Felix Kjellberg (also known as PewDiePie), and Colin Moriarty. If the car

Reconsidering Nostalgia

The word ‘nostalgia’ comes from the Greek nóstos, meaning homecoming, and álgos, meaning pain. Strangely enough for an emotion so commonplace, the word for this feeling was not coined until the 17th Century. Today, academic references to nostalgia usually concern its therapeutic aspects as a method of combatting clinical depression and anxiety. Any analysis of nostalgia as a phenomenon itself is usually dismissive, putting down preferences for past events to purely cognitive factors. A research

Engelbert Dollfuss And The Tragedy Of Interwar Austria

Austria sits alongside most of Europe’s nations as being an afterthought in contemporary education on the subject of WWII and the events that precipitated it. We know that Nazi Germany effectively foisted the Anschluss upon them, and thus Austria was incorporated into the Third Reich. Other than that, Austria’s interwar history is unfairly brushed off as not being worthy of note. As much as Germany’s economy was in ruins after WWI, Austria’s was in many ways worse. The collapse of the Austro-Hu