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Mark Citadel

Idolaters at the Freedom Shrine

We have spoken a lot in the past about the liberal progressive being a quintessentially religious being, as was recognized by Moldbug et al. This astute observation recognizes that liberal ideals form their own kind of dogma and function as a social religion, performing the same functions that any normal religion would, in placing restrictions on what is acceptable, branding heretics, and announcing the absolutes to which men must aspire. We have also mentioned that while most today don’t even r

Michael Sebastian's 'Staying Married in a Degenerate Age'

To say my review of this book is much belated would be an understatement. Michael Sebastian, a writer on men's issues who made his name on the Return of Kings website where he created some of the most engaging content, had sent me the PDF copy of his 'guide for traditional men and women' prior to the book's release on Amazon. I'm glad to say I finally got around to reading it. 182 pages in total, it isn't an incredibly long read. The book is divided into 14 chapters, beginning with more politica

Cube & The Price Of Conspiracy

I don't often use movies as a point of reference for a broader point. For one, I lost interest in cinema several years ago, and in addition I generally find that very few movies, especially in the contemporary era, make salient points about anything, even while there certainly are unintended cases of a movie raising interesting questions (for those doubting this, I highly recommend P.T. Carlo's The Desperate Ideology of Zootopia.) Surrealist films often do a better job of conveying a sincere mes

Relativism, Obligations & Values

When speaking of relativism in the realm of Modern values, the argument on the part of the right has been an ill-conceived opposition, but for good reasons. ‘Cultural relativism’ has been used as a tool by Cultural Marxists at home, while these very same people have utterly rejected it abroad (in select cases of course). I want to first describe how Liberals use relativism in a selective and insincere way, followed by a primer on the true place of relativism in a Traditional outlook. To illustra

Schuon, Luther, And The Eternal Calvinist

Let us approach the question of Protestantism with a mindfulness of its differentiation, an understanding of its gravity in history, and an open mind to what merits it may conceal behind a disposition that has been rightly recognized as a challenge by most Reactionary thinkers. Frithjof Schuon, a sage of the last century whose understanding of world religions was surpassed by a scarce few, wrote on The Question of Protestantism as part of a larger work: Christianity/Islam: Perspectives on Esoter

Humiliation's Role in the Contemporary Order

The beginning of Islamic terrorism against the West is difficult to pinpoint, because of its numerous manifestations. During the original colonial era when the Middle East was primarily occupied by France and Britain, terrorism took the form of anti-colonial resistance, which was the original foundation of the now-famous Muslim Brotherhood (founded in 1928). This group’s main goal was to terrorize the British colonial authorities into fleeing Egypt. Later on, terrorism became intrinsically linke

The Whore Enthroned

The excesses of the French Revolution strangely mirror our present predicament in both their ferocity and perversion. While we often cite the period as marking the beginning of the decline, the start of a truly tangible Kali Yuga, it is not as if this path has been smooth, beginning with minor infractions and accelerating to the present day. Far from it. The horrors of the revolution itself showed every bit of man’s grisly nature just as clearly as the meandering lunacies of our dear contemporar

Dispatches From the Witch Hunt

Through the power of being offended, social justice warriors still smarting from Gamergate have heroically exposed the most evil men on the internet, the general staff of Youtube’s Third Reich ready to take brickbats to the nearest synagogue at the first opportunity. This is serious! It’s happening in your hometown! These notorious individuals are none other than video game commentators; Jon Jafari (also known as Jontron), Felix Kjellberg (also known as PewDiePie), and Colin Moriarty. If the car