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James McPherson

American Homer: Kurt Sutter & Catholic Identity in Mid-Century America

Kurt Sutter is the creator of the popular television series Sons of Anarchy, about an outlaw motorcycle club in the fictional town of Charming, California, somewhere between Oakland and Stockton. Sutter also plays the character Otto, a member of the Sons. Otto is an older member, who went into Stockton State Prison to do a six-year sentence, committed crimes inside for the Club that added another 30, and ended up on death row. Via various gang warfare attacks within the prison walls he ends up b

Our Patriarchy Is Artisanal, Organic, and Locally Grown

After the recent Muslim slut-shaming in Manchester, England I thought that maybe there is a kinder, gentler way to promote modesty among young women of the West, besides blowing them up. In the Huffington Post Gabby Aossey’ explained the limits of American Feminism’s focus on the body and sexuality and concludes that Islam offers another way: As American women, many of us have an idea of what feminists are; freelancing women with all the sexual freedom in the world. But this is exactly the pr