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Jake Bowyer

Filth and the Final Judgment

Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving. I spent mine listening to speeches told by strangers in a certain megalopolis known for its gross progressivism. One aged man, who has lived in the city his whole life and who has worked in publishing on and off since the 1980s, talked about how the bourgeoisie continue to try and label all “anti-fascists” as communists. I chortled because of the gross consumerism of his home and children and the sharp contrast between his Marxist language and his decidedly

The Roots Of D'Souza's Dementia

Dinesh D’Souza has one goal in life: tearing down the Democratic Party. That’s an honorable goal, but good ole Dinesh is going about it all the wrong way. His “Dems R the Real Racists” shtick has all the appeal of a warm, milky case of syphilis. He may sell a lot of books, but nobody is really buying his arguments. And it’s not because he’s always wrong, either. In fact, D’Souza is right more than he is wrong. The book that D’Souza is pimping these days is “The Big Lie,” a 256-page exposé of h

Bye-Bye, Bobby Mugabe

After over thirty-five years in power, Robert Mugabe, the great strongman and “woke” leader of Zimbabwe, was deposed by his own military in one day. On Wednesday, Major General Sibusiso Moyo made an address on national television saying that the Zimbabwe National Army was in full control of the capital (Harare) and that Mugabe was no longer calling the shots. General Moyo did, however, note that Mugabe and his wife Grace are both alive and well. South African President Jacob Zuma confirmed that

The Dweeb Menace

Last Sunday’s shooting at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas had all the trappings of one of America’s longest-running scourges: the dweeb menace. Shooter Devin Patrick Kelley (a name so Irish that it makes computer screens reek of cabbage) walked into the church dressed for war. In his hands, he carried a Ruger 556 semi-automatic rifle. In one brutal stroke, Kelley killed a sizable portion of the entire town’s population when he gunned down twenty-six. Eyewitnesses claim tha

Reverse Lottery

The religion of peace has struck again. On Halloween, a hirsute jihadi named Sayfullo Saipov, 29, drove down the wrong way in Lower Manhattan in a rented truck from Home Depot. Saipov drove over bikers and pedestrians, including a foursome of recent graduates from Argentina. After crashing into a school bus, Saipov exited his vehicle, shouted “Allahu Akbar,” and raised two handguns which turned out to be a pellet gun and a paintball gun 1. Luckily, NYPD officer Ryan Nash punched holes in Saipo

Storming the Rubicon

Say what you will about President Donald John Trump, but he will forever sit proudly in my personal shrine of American heroes because of one simple fact: he saved us from four years of Hillary Clinton. This schadenfreude is not based on mere misogyny (although feminism is a sin against God and the 19th Amendment should go night-night), for Clinton should not be loathed simply because she is a harridan who drinks baby's blood every Walpurgisnacht. Rather, Clinton should be loathed because she is

California Burns

The Golden State has long been synonymous with far-Left kookiness. In the 1960s, San Francisco attracted New Age gurus, hippies, yippies, and at least one serial killer who may or may not be a certain senator from Texas. A decade later, religious cults sprung up all across the state, while a certain politician in the Bay Area made it cool to be queer. Harvey Milk eventually got gunned down by a man who cited “diminished capacity” and Twinkies as the reason why he pulled the trigger. The shooter

A New Strongman in Brazil and America's Future?

For Americans on the right, Brazil is synonymous with “Brazilification.” This creeping specter awaits future America, when the Left’s great “browning” occurs sometime in the 2050s. According to statistics released in July 2017, Brazil’s population is estimated to be about 207,353,391 people. 47.7-percent of those people are white. They are the sons and daughters of the nation’s founding Portuguese stock, along with heavy admixtures from other European nations like Spain, Germany, Ukraine, and It