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Jake Bowyer

Sweden is a Blast

There is no reason to rehash talk about ABBA, Volvo, or sunbathing nude blonds. Sweden isn’t Sweden anymore, and the reason is because of immigration. This is cold coffee insofar as the right-wing media is concerned. Similarly, most consumers of reactionary or conservative content know that Sweden’s rape statistics are among the highest in the developed world. Yes, it is true that Sweden’s extremely liberal definitions of “rape,” a consequence of decades of feminist, social democratic programmi

Third World Creepin'

Chicago has always been a violent, disgusting place. Jeffrey S. Adler’s First in Violence, Deepest in Dirt makes it all too clear that the Windy City was born in blood and made money out of misery. Like Manchester, Chicago presents a picture of what unfettered capitalism and the attendant misery of both liberal and Marxist materialism can do to a body politick. Chicago, a city celebrated by poet Carl Sandburg as a big-shouldered metropolis that smelled like a slaughterhouse, has quite the rogu

Upsetting the Hikikomori: Against Net Neutrality

Like a lot of people, I know next to nothing about net neutrality. But, based solely on the people who are supporting it with such fervor, its quick death can only be a good thing. So far as can be discerned, Title II regulations used to treat all ISPs (internet service providers) as the same. The measure got the old ax by a vote of three to two. Now, a more muscular FCC can pursue copyright infringement cases with greater ease. For those on the left side of the political latrine, the fear is t

Let It All Burn: Porn In America

There has been no greater plague on the Millennial generation than the easy access to pornography. Porn rots your brain. This is not just neo-puritan talk; scientists like Dr. William Struthers, a psychology professor at Wheaton College in Illinois, believes that high consumption of online pornography correlates to increased chances of infidelity, increased chances of engaging in dangerous sexual behavior, and increased likelihood of equating sex with violence 1. Even worse, porn-addled brains

Cyanide and Myth-Making

The narrative is everything. The narrative is why a multi-racial jury in San Francisco decided to acquit illegal immigrant Jose Ines Garcia Zarate of the murder of the 31-year-old American woman Kate Steinle. 1 The narrative is why the American press is going gaga over Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Salman, a liberal reformer who has cozied up to Israel at the sake of perpetual war in the Middle East. 2 The narrative is why the Cathedral labels people who fret about “white genocide” as conspiracy t

Filth and the Final Judgment

Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving. I spent mine listening to speeches told by strangers in a certain megalopolis known for its gross progressivism. One aged man, who has lived in the city his whole life and who has worked in publishing on and off since the 1980s, talked about how the bourgeoisie continue to try and label all “anti-fascists” as communists. I chortled because of the gross consumerism of his home and children and the sharp contrast between his Marxist language and his decidedly

The Roots Of D'Souza's Dementia

Dinesh D’Souza has one goal in life: tearing down the Democratic Party. That’s an honorable goal, but good ole Dinesh is going about it all the wrong way. His “Dems R the Real Racists” shtick has all the appeal of a warm, milky case of syphilis. He may sell a lot of books, but nobody is really buying his arguments. And it’s not because he’s always wrong, either. In fact, D’Souza is right more than he is wrong. The book that D’Souza is pimping these days is “The Big Lie,” a 256-page exposé of h

Bye-Bye, Bobby Mugabe

After over thirty-five years in power, Robert Mugabe, the great strongman and “woke” leader of Zimbabwe, was deposed by his own military in one day. On Wednesday, Major General Sibusiso Moyo made an address on national television saying that the Zimbabwe National Army was in full control of the capital (Harare) and that Mugabe was no longer calling the shots. General Moyo did, however, note that Mugabe and his wife Grace are both alive and well. South African President Jacob Zuma confirmed that