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Jake Bowyer

To Liberate From Urbanite Smarm

Let's commit a heresy together. C'mon, it will be fun. Are you ready? Here it goes... New York City is overrated. In fact, New York City sucks. One would be hard-pressed to find a more soulless, globohomo place than the "Big Apple." The very sidewalks reek of careerist and barren women, effeminate, slump-shouldered men, and whining anti-American types who treat our once verdant shores as a monstrous piggy bank. Nerts to all of them! Now, to be fair, New York post-1990 has long been defamed by

The Cuck is Vanquished (Again)

You should never kick a man when he is down, but Kevin D. Williamson does not meet my definition of a “man.” To hell with him. Now before commencing the slaughter, it should be stated that Williamson, the former grand poobah of pretension at the irrelevant National Review, takes a very hard line on abortion. Indeed, Williamson’s support for legally executing abortion doctors and the mothers who agree to have their children mutilated is the reason why The Atlantic fired him not too long after hi

The State They Want

It is common enough in conservative American dialogue to critique the sorry state of the modern university. Fair enough. People, both on the left and right, have been bemoaning the sorry state of public higher education in America since the 1980s. Back then, liberal Allan Bloom penned The Closing of the American Mind in order to rage against the collapse of Western civilization and the Greco-Roman classics in the American university system. Bloom got tagged as an “elitist” for his thought crime,

There is No End

Go catch an SJW or a neo-Marxist academic type. Do not use violence, but you do need to fully corner them for this one. Once you have this hypothetical lefty contained, ask them this simple question: what is the end goal? What, pinko, is supposed to be the final form of your ideology? If you hang around these types enough (and I do), you realize very quickly that they fall into two camps: 1) those who operate purely on emotion, and therefore know very well what they are against but are less cer

Slouching Towards Fascism?

They’re at it again. This time the target is Italy, the homeland of the dread “F word.” The award for most outrageous headline may go to Quartz, which called the recent elections in Italy the endgame of Steve Bannon’s “‘ultimate dream.’” Why, you may ask? Because, like in 2016, the populists won the day. Some history is needed first. Like other Mediterranean nations in Europe, Italy has long been considered something of an albatross around the necks of German, British, and Scandinavian taxpayer

Zero Day For South Africa

Until this week, “zero day” or Day Zero in South Africa denoted the day when Cape Town, the second largest metropolitan area in the country, would run out of water. That particular day is now projected for November. At that point, all of the rationing in the world will not help the thirsty, hot, and stinky residents of the Cape of Good Hope. All commentators agree that Cape Town’s troubles are solely due to malfeasance on the part of the South African government. South Africa is one of the most

A Wail and Gnashing of Teeth

Conservative, Inc. has lost again. Thank God. This time around the defeat has come from the right—the European right. Shudder the thought, my Starbucks-drinking conservative consumers in faux blue collars! America’s chattering RHINOs were up in arms all this week over the fact that Marion Marechal-Le Pen got an invite to CPAC. In case you are new to American acronyms, CPAC stands for “Conservative Political Action Conference.” It is the annual event where “movement conservatives” latch on to pop

Peaceful Islam Exists (Just Somewhere Else)

Modern man worships science more than he worships God. This, however, does not stop the modern man from believing in magic, albeit a magic devoid of anything greater than blind hope. Take for instance the obedience to democracy. For the neoconservative, democracy is the great pill that every nation most swallow, even if such a prescription comes from a doctor bearing an M-16. For the social democrat, democracy is the great leveler of all hierarchies and “systems,” especially if those systems are